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Young HitzRUS – “Producing Memories”
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Young HitzRUS – “Producing Memories”

unnamed – Lenox and Parker

Recently Hip-Hop producer Young HitzRUS detailed his upbringing in Queens where he developed his musical skills and his plans for 2022 as he continues to develop as a producer. 

“I’m from, ‘if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!’ The Big Apple NYC to be specific, in the borough of Queens. I’m NY born and raised,” Young HitzRUS said. “NY is a very closed circle music scene; a lot of competition, but it helps you sharpen your craft and strive and grind for the best like no other place I have been to.”

Getting his start making music in his mom’s basement Young HitzRUS inherited a passion for music from his grandmother and mother who frequently played music in the living room sound system. 

“As I got older around 16 I got started with rap and with friends in my hood and we learned together,” Young HitzRUS recalled laughing. “Gradually we actually started recording on a computer like the audio recorder that came with Dell computers. Eventually at about 18 I started to record and engineer.”

From there Young HitzRUS turned his career into a full fledged money making business  engineering and producing and he has since earned respectable production credits with a host of up and coming artists including but not limited to Black Fortune and Siya. 

“Right now, I am working on a single I produced with an artist named Black Fortune. Dope artist and person, real genuine and talented.  No songwriters – he did the song off the top in about 20 mins,” Young HitzRUS explained

Going forward Young HitzRUS has big plans for the rest of 2021 and rolling into 2022 as he has a video coming soon with a very notable director.

“My goal is to be a millionaire on charts and helping my family and close associates, helping those in need. I also want to keep sharpening my craft and working with artists. I’m hoping to connect with more creators and businesses. My content will be picking up as well via Youtube, Tiktok and of course IG. Viral stuff,” Young HitzRUS said. “To my fans and people who support me, I just want to say thank you and I ain’t nothing without you. THANK FOR YOU BELIEVING IN ME!”

Passionate about music and believing that the music helps him capture moments in time, Young HitzRUS says he’s not a “beat maker,” he “produces memories.”

“Without the beat, the voice stands alone and to build a song you need the whole band,” Young HitzRUS said.  “I love being of service to the game, helping artists achieve a hit. With the birth of HitzRUS, the concept is really simple. This is where we make “hitz for us” – it’s me individually but also, me and the artists as one to build each other up. I’m not a beat maker. I produce and I compose memories and moments through music that will turn to history.”

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