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Women In The Developing Countries Impacted by Globalization
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Women In The Developing Countries Impacted by Globalization

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Globalization is the intensification of integration in variety of aspects throughout the world. The world today has become global village due to globalization. The aspects which incorporate globalization and through which it manifests itself are multifarious such as economic, social, political and cultural. It has brings various prospects of innovation by increasing competition and providing various opportunities. It allows the individuals and the countries to link throughout the world and fill the gap in which they are lacking. However one important aspect which is often neglected is the gender aspect. It is very important to realize that how it impacts women, who are often the neglected segment in the patriarchal system.

Following are the five positive outcomes of globalization which have helped women in the developing countries to uplift themselves and to make their economic situation better.

Increased opportunities: it opens up the world market. When the process of globalization begins, various foreign companies get the permission to enter into the domestic market of a country. It increases the avenues of employment. It also increases the level of competition among the market participants and boosts the economic activity and ultimately the opportunities are increased for both men and women. It helps women in a way that in normal circumstances, the women in the developing countries are out casted by their male counterparts in their struggle to exploit an opportunity.

Increase labor participation: Women constitute almost half population on the planet Earth. However there are many reasons that hinder their economic participation. The globalization aims to redesign the existing contextual settings and aims to bring flexibility in the current market practices. The increased competition compels the employers to get the maximum benefit by accommodating both males and females without any preferential treatment.

Increased access to markets: Globalization makes it easier for the individuals to access the world markets. So they can utilize their potential in those areas which value them. It removes barriers, not only in terms of employment opportunities but also in terms of accessibility to the basic amenities of life at affordable prices.

Increased entrepreneurship: it allows the women to participate in the ventures at national and international level as well. The intensity and the level of expectations increased when women working in the domestic industries rather operating in the patriarchal environment at home country, attempt to channelise their talent and entrepreneurial skills at a global level.

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Improvement in the standard of living: the result of benefiting from globalization is the improvement in the standard of living. All this factors if are exploited by the women result in making the women economically independent which is a prerequisite to counter the patriarchal environment.

In a nut shell, the positive side of globalization reflects an optimistic outlook for the undermined segment of society. Indeed this segmentation which is based on gender is another lens of seeing the Marxism in the society at large. However, the utilization of benefits offered by globalization provide people the paraphernalia to deal with the differences.

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