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Watch Laray Da Savage Dark New Video For “Heartbreaks”
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Watch Laray Da Savage Dark New Video For “Heartbreaks”

HeartBreaks 1 – Lenox and Parker

After “BBL,” rising Houston recording artist Laray Da Savage drops his latest single from his Be Right Back project in the dark visual for the track “HeartBreaks.”

The new rainy day visual is the second single from the project and is an uptempo production with heavy-hearted melodies and an easily memorable hook. “I was feeling neglected by love and had a hard time dealing with heartbreak, so I channeled my emotions into the music and sang my heart out,” says Laray Da Savage about the making of “Heartbreaks.”

Be Right Back is a 16-song project that features a string of hits like “Heartbreaks,” including “Wavy” and “Celebration.” It’s the perfect origin point for newfound fans of the rising star. Both the single and album are available everywhere via Sankofa Sounds. Stream the full project here.

For what’s next from Laray Da Savage, follow him on social media, here.

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Feel free to take a look at LDS’s new video, “Heartbreaks,” below.

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