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Trevor Spitta – “Popstar” (Official Video)
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Trevor Spitta – “Popstar” (Official Video)

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The rising Trevor Spitta possesses music’s hard-earned accolade of “Popstar” status in the release of his new music video. On a young, rich and braggadocious single about being the biggest thing in music, Spitta delivers his ideal lifestyle filled with worldwide fandom and grandeur, emulating the high-end productions we see in legendary music videos.

Produced by bwolf201 & bumblebee, “Popstar” is directed by the talented director, Caseunofilms. From beginning to end, Trevor Spitta is marvelous. Aligned with all the glitz and glamour, he ascends to artist-to-watch of 2021 with undeniable star power shining brightly over the over-the-top lyricism. For Spitta, “Popstar” makes a statement of his arrival among today’s mainstream superstars.

“I made this song the first week I moved to L.A. I’m not really calling myself a popstar, but going from a small town (Oakland) in New Jersey to Hollywood, and seeing the hills everyday, I definitely felt like one. It gave me a lot of motivation and I made this song right then and there, along with a bunch more that I can’t wait to share,” Trevor Spitta says in a press release.

“Popstar” plants the seed for Trevor Spitta’s forthcoming album, titled Not If, But When. Set for an August release, the album is Trevor Spitta’s defining moment in music. As we await the release, “Popstar” is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans. Both the single and album are available on Kids Who Jumped. For more on Trevor Spitta, follow him on social media.

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Watch Trevor Spitta shine bright in the new visual, below.

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