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Theprinceofnc new EP “Obsession” has arrived
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Theprinceofnc new EP “Obsession” has arrived

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After a two month drought, Theprinceofnc’s Obsession has finally been released.

The American rapper who announced his new EP dropping in late June, finally released it on August 21st. Following his latest release “Enviar” featuring his hit single “Why it gotta be like this”.

Theprinceofnc expressed how he was in a “dark” place while recording each song on Obsession and says he is very glad that his supporters actually took the time to listen to each track.

Theprinceofnc recently released a music video to “Dangerously In Love” which happens to be the most popular track on his EP featuring Mijosuave and Zeusdamenance.

Theprinceofnc sure did stir up confusion based off his EP with fans putting two and two together and assuming each track is linked to his ex-girlfriend, which they had recently separated.

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Theprinceofnc Obsession tracklist:

“Dangerously In Love”
“Prince Voicemail”

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