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The Name You Need To Know Richard “ItsRichZ” Zeller
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The Name You Need To Know Richard “ItsRichZ” Zeller

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Hiphop is a rebels’ game. Since the genre’s inception, it has always been the wild cards, the free thinkers, the outlaws, and the nonconformists who have moved the needle the farthest.

Hip-hop was, and still is, the subculture that the world beat marches to. Nothing about it was anything like what came before it, and neither were the characters it birthed.

Simply put, no other music genre also doubles as a fully-fledged ecosystem, a lifestyle, and a mindset. To be “hip-hop” doesn’t mean you spit bars or just make beats. That would be an understatement.

Those who changed how the music industry operated on a core level have been predominantly born from Hip-hop. Its thought leaders in every generation and iteration came with fresh ideas, unique blueprints, disruptive spirits, and an almost prophetic vision of where not only the industry, but pop culture, was going.

Rick Ruben, Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen, Jay Z, Kanye West, and more all proved this in their own eras and ways. The newest name added to this shortlist of culture shifters is New Jersey’s Richard “ItsRichZ” Zeller

Zeller became the name you needed to know in the northeast over the past 18 months, rising along with the sound he helped to define, promote and bring to the masses known as Jersey Drill.

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Unlike its more traditional counterpart from Chicago, the original birth of the uber gangster subgenre Drill, Jersey Drill borrows from UK Grime, 4-on-the-floor house music, 90’s pop, and Fastlane trap to craft a sonic experience as unique as the state it emanated from. And it’s only getting bigger. Jersey Drill went from obscurity on Newark-based Soundclouds and in the basements of Garden State clubs to now being incorporated into the sonic fabric of the biggest mainstream artists on earth, with even UK superstar AJ Tracey jumping on the wave in London.

Zeller is a modern hybrid manager & executive producer, part of this new cresting wave of creatives in business that are swiss army knife visionaries whose work transcends any singular title. Citing the likes of Kanye West, Scooter Braun, and Clarence Avant as inspiration, Rich takes the lessons learned from watching their journeys in the music industry and mixes them with his years of discipline and loyalty from being in the United States Army to lead his troop of artists through the battlefield of being an independent artist and into the land of success.

“Learn the game’s rules. Learn your chess board and your pieces. once you know the parameters and what you are working with you become unstoppable.” – Rich Zeller

Zeller is one of the driving forces behind the creation and growth of Major Independent record label Sloppy Vinyl; Rich has put in countless hours and buckets of blood, sweat, and tears to bring artists like OnlyJahmez, LAW, & 90rackss to the forefront of the public consciousness as well as the ever-growing culture of New Jersey rap.

This master of marketing is not just intent on doing the basics, Rich Zeller has his hand in television and radio helping his artists get national television time for their videos with premieres on MTV, Revolt, Music Choice, and more.

A work ethic like this is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Rich’s wins are not going unnoticed as Rich has been seen recently linking up with Hot 97’s iconic DJ Drewski & Manolo Rose as well as other major Manhattan music movers and shakers. Rich Zeller has shown that you don’t need a major label to blow up and glow up; all you need is great music, a solid team, and of course a game plan.

If you want to stay up-to-date on everything Rich Zeller has going on or you want to inquire about working with him make sure you follow all of his social media and reach out because he is always looking for the newest hot sound that has the ability to be a game-changer.

What’s next for Zeller? There’s no better person to ask than Zeller himself

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“More wins & More work.” – Rich Zeller

Follow Richard “ItsRichZ” Zeller:

Instagram – @Itsrichz

LinkedIn – Richard Zeller

Website –

Website –

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