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THE LONG GOODBYE -Interview with Jay and Sofia
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THE LONG GOODBYE -Interview with Jay and Sofia

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How did you get started on filming the documentary The Long Goodbye?

Sofia: Jay had a friend from high school who posted on FB “please pray for my pastor’s wife she has cancer and is getting bad news.” Jay and I then skyped with Kara and her husband Jason late one night and it went super well. We asked if she’d like us to come out and film for a few days and she excitedly said “YES!” We initially just planned on making a 2-3 minute piece to gift to Kara as a time capsule for her and family. We never intended nor had any idea that this trip would morph into a full-length documentary. 

Were you surprised that Kara was as open as she was about sharing her journey with cancer?

Sofia: “YES!!! But pleasantly surprised. Kara essentially “lost” her fight with cancer, which happens to many of course- but she didn’t see it that way. She saw it as an opportunity to share her joy and continued faith even in the midst of her terrible suffering. It was refreshing to me personally as I had several family members die young and the prevailing emotion was a hopeless terrifying panic, which was the complete opposite of Kara’s attitude.

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How did spending time watching Kara and her family as she battled cancer change you?
Jay: Having a front-row seat to someone dying changed the way I look at life. Every time I think of Kara I’m reminded to be kind to others, especially to my immediate family and in the “mundane” things.

Sofia: I realized I’m not guaranteed anything, so it made me spring to action on my dreams and goals in life to get things done, not just think about them. Like complete my own film! Kara was thrilled we were making this about her and that makes me happy. 

Did it change you as a parent?  As a couple?

Jay: Kara was a fun person! Even as she lay dying in her bed and we interviewed her and Jason they were laughing and being silly. If you can’t have fun and enjoy life- regardless of your circumstances, then why are we living?
Sofia: Kara showed me the value in the everyday things. I tend to place lofty goals in my life and judge my life based on the big things. Kara showed me that encouraging my kid on the drive to school and hugging my husband matters just as much, if not more.  

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What do you hope viewers will take away after watching Kara’s story?

Sofia: The preciousness of time. Your kindness matters. Life is a gift, so yes-go for your hopes and dreams, but also be kind and loving to those you see everyday. A quote from Kara- “We’re all dying I’m just told it everyday.” 

How can we get more information on The Long Goodbye?

Long Goodbye DVD package – Lenox and Parker

The movie is available on Amazon and iTunes and also are website has movie clips and more information about the film.

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