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The Emotional Impact of Andre’ Jordan Hilton’s Interior Masterpieces
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The Emotional Impact of Andre’ Jordan Hilton’s Interior Masterpieces

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Could you elaborate on the origins of your journey in the field of interior design, and in what words would you encapsulate your distinctive style?

I have a background in Architecture so I’ve always loved design, but never knew I’d be an interior designer.  I was very creative as a child and loved rearranging my room every month and making things look nice.  I certainly had an eye or fashion, scale and all of the small details surrounding just about everything.  I guess you could say my skills were forming without my knowledge of it actually happening.  Fast forward, I was a property manager for a housing development in 2011 when another agent came to my home to drop off some files and noticed I had a unique gift of design upon seeing my home.  It was then, she asked had I considered becoming a designer.  I originally thought I was supposed to be an architect, but hearing her ask that made me do some research on other designers in the area and realized I had found my calling.  

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What are some prevalent misconceptions that people tend to hold about your work and profession?

Prevalent misconceptions people have about my profession would be that we have the power to make things happen within their timing.  As designers, we do try to get things done as quickly as possible, however, lot of times dealing with contractors, backorders Ect… things can get off and those things are often times out of our control.  Another would be that we can make magic happen with unrealistic numbers.  It is important for us to be able to give you quality, without overworking ourselves. In order to do that, an adequate budget is necessary to give you the best product.     

When it comes to the art of room design, what stands out as the paramount factor that you prioritize?

Functionality is the paramount factor.  How will the space be laid out, how will it work for the family or person living there, and how does it tailor to their lifestyle and daily routine.  It helps us build the foundation for the room before choosing furniture.  

Could you share three intriguing insights about yourself that might remain unfamiliar to the public?

I am a hearing impaired designer, Im also an artist and can paint abstract canvases, and draw portraits.  I also design custom furniture for my clients.  

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From your vantage point, are there any particular design styles that seem to be gaining momentum among your clientele?

Minimalistic, clean design is beginning to flare up among my clientele.  People are
done with the clutter, over accessorizing, and spaces that require lots of maintenance. This I feel is a result of living through the pandemic.  

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Reflecting on your career, what would you consider to be the most invaluable lesson you’ve acquired in the realm of interior design?

The most invaluable lesson Ive acquired in interior design would be to always trust your gut.  If something doesn’t feel right, don’t force it, take a step back and reassess the project, go back and find something that works better.  

As you look forward, what can we anticipate from your future endeavors, and where can interested individuals connect with you?

I look to find my niche on television in design, to have a line of artwork that can be sold to the public.  Interested individuals can connect with me via email (info or by Instagram @andre_jordan_hilton. 

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