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The Beautiful World of Natural Hair, Health and Beauty 
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The Beautiful World of Natural Hair, Health and Beauty 

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Taliah Waajid’s annual hair, beauty, and wellness show once again created a buzz in the beauty scene. Held on the weekend of April 22nd at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta, this event has become a staple and cultural movement for the Black community, positively influencing society’s perception of Black beauty, lifestyle, family and culture.

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With a focus on self-love, confidence, and community, The World Natural Hair Show featured panels, workshops, and an awards gala. Over 200 vendors and leaders in multicultural beauty showcased their products and expertise, while live music and entertainment added to the vibrant atmosphere. The event fostered meaningful conversations that uplifted and encouraged the community, going beyond a mere hair show to become a lifestyle event.

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Taliah Waajid, a renowned figure in the natural haircare industry, founded The World Natural Hair Show. With more than 25 years of experience, she has established herself as an expert in nurturing and embracing natural hair. As a Master cosmetologist, she possesses a prestigious license, highlighting her deep understanding of haircare techniques.

In addition to her achievements, Taliah Waajid has successfully launched her own hair and body care line, which has gained widespread acclaim. Her products, free from harmful chemicals, cater to those seeking to embrace their natural locks without compromising their health. Initially starting in her salon and garage, Taliah Waajid’s brand has now expanded and can be found in renowned retailers such as Sally Beauty, Target, and Walmart, signifying the exceptional quality and effectiveness of her transformative creations.

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This past World Natural Hair Show generated excitement among the thousands of attendees who eagerly awaited the exhilarating event. With a diverse range of vendors, including established favorites and emerging brands, the event left an lasting impression on the industry. From well-known names like Mielle Organics, AMBI, Camille Rose Naturals, and Creme of Nature to new the brands, the array of exhibitors fueled the nostalgia surrounding the show. This years’s attendance was overwelming successful with over 20,000 people and affordable family ticket prices. Notably, influential figures such as buyers, distributors, and retail representatives made their presence known, further emphasizing the event’s industry significance.

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Beyond its commercial appeal, the World Natural Hair Show offered an enriching educational experience through thought-provoking panels. Notable personalities like Kellie Bowman, daughter of Dr. Sebi, shared insights on health and wellness. Joining her on stage was  respected individuals such as Doctor Holistic, 19 Keys, and Rush Gram, providing diverse perspectives on topics, including holistic hair health, soap making, tree braids, and podcasting. With a focus on catering to a diverse audience, the event radiated valuable content for industry professionals and newcomers seeking knowledge and inspiration. We are looking forward to 2024.

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