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Take a page out of Diddy & Yung Miami’s dating playbook this summer and ‘Act Bad’
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Take a page out of Diddy & Yung Miami’s dating playbook this summer and ‘Act Bad’

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Temperatures are blazing across the country, which means summer is here, rooftop pools are open, drop tops are down and sundresses are out. This time of year is quite possibly the best time to lock in with a new bae. Studies prove that people enjoy being “outside”, and it also helps that most of us have worked on our bodies to be able to wear those tank tops and hoochie Daddy shorts that are so tempting to look at. Diddy and his lady du jour Yung Miami collaborated on the summer anthem ‘ Act Bad’ and while the lyrics are fun, the attitude offers some great dating tips for summer 2023.

Summer Dating Tips for Ladies

1. Bright colors are your friend when looking to attract the opposite sex. When going out with the girls make sure that you are wearing bold, bright colors to compliment your
bright attitude.

2.Yung Miami says men treat ‘bad girls’ good, and while that’s debatable, everyone is attracted to someone that’s fun. Step outside your comfort zone this summer and do something that makes you happy. When you are having fun, you are your most attractive self.

3.Stop relying so much on makeup and focus on loving on YOU. The hot weather means that we should be wearing less foundation and contour and instead can take this time to make sure that natural glow is popping. You’ll be surprised how many people are attracted to natural healthy skin over a face beat to
the Gods. 

Summer Dating Tips for Men

1. Diddy changed his name to Love a few years ago and has made a lifestyle of out being someone that promotes love and fun. Ladies are much more attracted to men who are enjoying their lives instead of bragging about them. Keep the stunting to a minimum.

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2. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want! I know times have changed but women still love a confident man who is in control. If you see a woman with a group of friends, swallow that pride and go approach her. What do you have to lose?

3. Spend a little extra time on grooming and self-care this summer. Self-care isn’t just for the ladies. Women love a man who takes 

care of his skin and nails and hair/beard. Just like you want to see the ladies showing
themselves off, the ladies want to see a bit
of eye candy also!

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