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Spacey Cain -“One Wish”
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Spacey Cain -“One Wish”

Spacey Cain – Lenox and Parker

Today Los Angeles based artist Spacey Cain continues to push his Astronomical mixtape drawing attention to his single, “One Wish,” which has an upcoming music video for the fans.  

After finding critical success on a host of websites concluding Hype Magazine, DirtySouthHipHop and DJIceberg among others, Spacey Cain continues to build his fan base with yet another single that’s getting the fans hooked.  

“This tape is everything about me and it’s a welcome into my life, the things that I’m dealing with, the ups and downs and the good times that I’ve had. Being able to do the things that other people aren’t.  From fighting cases to heartbreak and moving on to the better, this project has it all,” he said. “I caught a case over my last girl, I was facing a year in prison for some bullsht. One Wish is just  about moving on to being better and speaking from my soul.” 

Taking him back to his relationships of heartbreak, Spacey Cain travels into a space far away from his previous heartbreak and pain while at the same time he revisist those issues close to his heart.  

“It brings me back to a lot of different times, I’m going through it when I’m at work and I’m in the booth recording, I’m living in that pain again and I want them to catch my vibe. I want them to connect with me and I want them to relate to me, I want them to be able to feel that pain from me.” Spacey Cain said. “Everybody can have a past story, if you’re going through something keep your head up you can get through anything.”

Refusing his get let go of the past but finding a way to live with it, Spacey spoke of being connected mentally and emotionally. “One Wish is like me being able to gravitate back and forth between something that we are both connected to mentally and emotionally. I see pain in your eyes and you see pain in mine. For us to be able to love we have to be connected.”

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 While the “One Wish” music video is in the works, until then Spacey does have a message to fans so they can relate to this no matter their circumstances.  “I want my fans to know that you have to watch who you fuck with because it could bring you down. 

Going forward Spacey Cain is continuing to push the release of his project Spacey Cain – Astronomical which is now available everywhere you can stream music. 

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