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SME DRO$e Releases Latest Track “Stayin Patient”
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SME DRO$e Releases Latest Track “Stayin Patient”

– Lenox and Parker

After getting it out the mud, emerging new artist SME DRO$e is “Stayin Patient” as his popularity grows and success cometh on the latest track. The new song follows the artist’s previously released buzzers, “Goin’ Up” and “Jungle.”The latest track’s song and title arrive with perfect timing as we begin the new year with limitless possibilities.

Produced by Mike Allure, “Stayin Patient” is a significant milestone in SME DRO$E’s artistic evolution, boasting compelling lyrics, smooth flows, and meticulously crafted beats that define his unique style. This track is not just a song; it’s an invitation into DRO$E’s world of resilience and perseverance, where infectious rhythms and melodic hooks captivate listeners. Through introspective verses and evocative storytelling, DRO$E shares a journey of self-discovery, making “Stayin Patient” a resonant anthem for those seeking inspiration and connection.

He raps: “Dem’ drugs don’t take da’ pain away /Sipping on Wok, Den’ I fade away/My shit be bumping like 808’s/If you run in da’ trap, We don’t play today/I get big bands/Got dem’ hunnits busting out my jeans hoe/Shawty is a freak/And she always on her knees something like a free throw/(Yeah)/(Something like a free throw)/(Yeah)”

The Lancaster native who turned his music passion into a full-blown career. As the brains behind SME Da Label, DRO$e is crafting anthems like “Stucc In Da Trap” and “No Pitty.” Forget the cookie-cutter – DRO$e brings a unique flavor to the rap scene, making waves far beyond Pennsylvania. Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore the rising star who’s here to stay.

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“Stayin Patient” is merely the beginning for the rising star in 2024. SME DRO$e will be releasing more new music in the coming months in preparation of his upcoming album. Until then, “Stayin Patient” is the perfect origin for newfound fans of the emerging artist. For more on the new artist, follow him on social media for daily updates and more.

A music video for the track is in the works. Available now on SME Da Label, Self-Made Entertainment, stream the new track, below.

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