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SCE Nightlife – “It Wasn’t Suicide” (Video)
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SCE Nightlife – “It Wasn’t Suicide” (Video)

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Chicago’s SCE Nightlife creates a lifestyle that identifies a culture. The music embodies the crime, party, drugs and violence that happens when the sun goes down. Every song documents an experience and as their new album, Volume 1, becomes a must-have in the city’s influential Hip Hop scene. The group shows us their more activist side in the release of the project’s lead single, titled, “It Wasn’t Suicide.” The song takes a look at the current mass police injustice acts that have taken the lives of marauders like Sandra Bland.

The dark new song comes in support of the families of suicide victims. SCE Nightlife created the “It Wasn’t Suicide” initiative to support families of unjust murders by police that were ruled as suicides. The money raised will go directly towards families to help with lawyer fees and to provide financial relief. “It’s becoming too common and I want people to have money to get justice. I wrote this song when I heard about Sandra Bland and now it’s happening every month. That’s why I started the gofundme to help the victim’s families”

They continue, “I take that energy I feel when I hear about stories like this and put it into this song. It’s up there.”

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“It Wasn’t Suicide” and Volume 1 is streaming everywhere on Sacred Circle Entertainment. Along with the new single, the album includes fellow breakout songs “RapGame/DopeGame,” “Entangled” and “We Gone See.” Donate to the Victims Families of Suicide today on GoFundme. For everything SCE, follow them today on Instagram. Stream Volume 1 now.

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