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RND Officially – “Got’Em” (Video)
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RND Officially – “Got’Em” (Video)

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RND Officially has… Well… Officially arrived.

In a pandemic, emerging Chicago-meets-Michigan duo, the Colvard brothers Romel and Noel, better known as Romel Cantrell and Yung $piiffii of the group RND Officially keeps the party going in the new music video called “Got’Em.” Preparation for the newfound duo’s anticipated new project coming soon, the Colvard recreate a classic Hip Hop film.

In the 1990’s House Party-inspired visual, Romel and Noel go to the hottest party in the city that turns into a night they will never forget. The boys recreate iconic scenes like the living room dance battle with groovy back-in-forth raps, catchy hook and playboy persona. Naturals, the duo choreography their own dance moves, create their own artwork and they even shoot their own visuals. Their electrifying, in-your-face dance moves match the song’s infectious hook, which states:

“Aye, Aye, Aye (Aye) You know we don’t play (Don’t play)/Riding with the gun on me (Me)/Know I keep the hunnits on me (On me)/Booty fat put the buns on me (On me)/And I’m riding till the tank on E (On E).”

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“Got’Em” is the intro track off the duo’s latest project, MS2. The 10-track collection features appearances by John Renaissance and Keisha Capri. Along with “Got’Em” the album includes fellow fan-favorites “Take A Ride” and “Where’s The Love.” “Got’Em” is the upcoming project’s lead release.

“Got’Em” is directed by DeVaughn Ballinger. Watch now, available on Beatroot.

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