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Released & Acquitted! Florida Rap Group TM4L Is Back As They Drop New Single “No Cap”
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Released & Acquitted! Florida Rap Group TM4L Is Back As They Drop New Single “No Cap”

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TM4L AKA TouchMoney 4Life is a rap group out of Tarpon Springs, Florida hitting the scene with some young and ruthless energy. Not too many opportunities are given to minorities in Tarpon Springs, TM4L goes on to say, “In our community you are either trapping, rapping, or playing some type of sport, in hopes of providing a better life for your family, like any other person from the gutta. The type of music we make is relatable to anyone that was raised in the struggle and has been through the ups and downs while “thuggin” in the streets. We pride ourselves on our sound and authenticity of our music, because you can’t compare our sound to any rising Florida artist nor one of the past.”

The focus is rap and a better life. After just starting to take their rap careers serious just last year before 2 members of the group were incarcerated and fighting two attempted murder in the first-degree charges. The members have recently been released and acquitted of all charges and are officially back on the music grind.

Today, TM4L releases an energetic new record as they glide across the down south & West Coast influenced production. Ruthless for sure, TM4L isn’t playing around on the record as they want you to know their is “NO CAP” in their rap or life. Speaking on real life events and what they went through while being locked up, TM4L is here to tell you a story from the other side.

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