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Otan Motamedi: Meet The Man Making 8Petown Records Great
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Otan Motamedi: Meet The Man Making 8Petown Records Great

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Hip Hop is 50 years old. The culture has evolved from a fade to the most influential genre in the world — and it continues to embark on a new frontier. But the changes aren’t always satisfactory, and the sound and the business do indeed go through “fades.” “The music industry is at an all-time high right now and is only going higher,” Otan Motamedi explains. “I feel like a lot of label owners are doing things wrong, and that’s ok, that’s why we’re getting the numbers we want because we are promoting and doing things these label executives don’t know about, they are behind! And that’s why it’s @8PETOWN takeover.”

Otan Motamedi is an experienced record executive, manager, role model and owner from Baltimore but now resides in Orange County. After years of tutelage, the motivated businessman linked up with an old friend to form the fast-rising new record label known as 8Petown. “When asked how the label was founded, Motamedi shares, “8petown was started by my Close friend “Ocho” aka @8PECEO he always knew my passion for music was above others, and my connections and knowing the biggest names in the music industry was a factor, so he brought me apart 8petown as President A&R.”

Shortly after the label’s creation, they signed their first artist in the popular act KINGMOSTWANTED.

“KINGMOSTWANTED” was our first artist signed to 8petown,” Otan recalls. “He was our friend before we signed him, so our connection and loyalty were already there. Then we dropped our first song, “In My City,” and right now it has over 30 MILLION STREAMS on all platforms! And it blew up instantly, the people wanted more KINGMOSTWANTED, so we kept going harder! And now he is streaming 100M+.”

Following the success of KINGMOSTWANTED, the label’s roster grew immediately as more and more independent artists gravitated in hopes of finding the same popularity as the roster’s prodigal son. “We have many artists under the label, some of the bigger names are KINGMOSTWANTED, GIRLSLUHDEV, HEEMBEEZY,” Otan breakdown.”Our artist “KINGMOSTWANTED” right now is having over 100 MILLION streams worldwide! And Dev and Heem aren’t far behind! And we have more artists we are signing on the way, so stay tuned.”

The label’s success is largely credited to its artist’s loyalty. He continued: “8petown looks for Loyalty, Work Ethic, someone who wants to change their life, change their families lives, 8petown is more than a label, we’re a FAMILY.”

Because of hip-hop’s larger-than-life image that is constantly portrayed to the general public. The lifestyle’s perception of life-changing record contracts blurs the real definition of a record label’s responsibilities to an artist under their roster. Motamedi breakdown the labels requirements and responsibilities:

“We have a lot of responsibility and requirements, for example, providing our artists with marketing and promotions, helping them with their recording budget, etc. And a fair contract so that they’re happy and ready to work.”

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Like streaming, music is slowly but surely set to fully explore NFTs and the metaverse. A new frontier, 8Petown is welcoming to embrace and thrive. “We are planning big launches with our NFT partners, Having Album NFT launch parties, etc, NFTs made for all artists. So all supporters can feel a part of us! NFT are the next big thing and only getting bigger,” said Otan.

But before NFTs, Otan and 8Petown Records have a lot in store for the rest of 2022, which includes new signings and music. And with the music, the label prepares for big merchandise packages aligned with album releases to increase anticipation. He explains:

“We plan to sign a few more artists who want to change their lives and be the next big thing,” he said. “All our artists are averaging millions of views on all platforms etc and we are going to keep putting out the best music for all our supporters and fans! Tons of new merch is on the way and NFT projects are in the works as well.  A lot of huge announcements coming to 8petown soon, and the Music Industry isn’t ready.” 

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