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NYPD Officer Admits He Played a Role in the Murder of Malcolm X
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NYPD Officer Admits He Played a Role in the Murder of Malcolm X

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Retired NYPD officer Raymond Wood details the disgusting role he played with the NYPD and FBI in the murder of Malcolm X.

Press conference that was held this weekend, which was the anniversary of Malcolm’s death, about the newly discovered evidence. In addition to the family of Raymond Wood, the family of Malcolm X, and civil rights attorney Ben Crump was present

Sometimes you know something is true, but don’t quite have all of the evidence to prove it. Of course the NYPD and FBI colluded together in the targeted assassination of Malcolm X. We’ve long since known that they did everything they could to infiltrate, undermine, and destroy his life and work. But now we have proof – and it’s a smoking gun. 

Retired NYPD officer Raymond Wood, a Black man who served as an undercover cop with the department throughout the Civil Rights Movement, admitted damning new details about the role he played for the NYPD and the FBI in the murder of Malcolm X. I’ve posted the full letter below and want you to read it for yourself. 

According to Wood, the NYPD and FBI colluded together to frame and arrest the primary men that provided security for Malcolm X so that on the day of his assassination Malcolm would be an easy target. It worked. Wood also confesses that he was at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem as an undercover agent on the day Malcolm was murdered and that another man was wrongly arrested and convicted to protect Raymond Wood’s cover. Here’s the letter Wood wrote for his family only to be released after he died.

I have no trust that the current District Attorney of Manhattan will follow up on this case the way he should. His office may very well be complicit. This is why I am fighting to help elect a new DA, Tahanie Aboushi, because I know she has the courage to take this case head-on. 

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