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Molly and The Pineapples – “Runaway Slave”

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Atlanta-via-Jersey City recording artist, Molly and the Pineapples are on the rise, right now. As he prepares fans for the upcoming release of his self-directed short film, “Selfie,” he releases an impressive short-EP in My Friends Think I’m Crazy. To promote the project, Molly and the Pineapples drops the project cut-turned-single in the release of the new song “Runaway Slave.”

Electric, organic and compelling. On “Runaway Slave,” Molly creates a vibe, tells a story, and leaves you wanting more. The perfect introduction for newfound fans eager to find great new music of the year from a spankin’ new artist. The new single is a great portal into the album that will surely leave you convinced that Molly and the Pineapple is the next big star in today’s music.

The 11-song project exploring the current social climate and what it’s like to be caught between it all while still worrying about the usual day-to-day routine. A theme he will explore next month with “Selfies,” written and directed by himself. “I’m excited to share this body of work,” he says about the new project. “I get to be the artist I want to be vocally, lyrically and production-wise.”

He continues, “I know the power I’ve been given with my voice and this gift. I choose to use it.”

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After “Runaway Slave,” check out more of My Friends Think I’m Crazy with fellow breakout songs “Molly,” “College Dropout v Late Registration” and “BLAH BLAH BLAH.” The EP features J Shuler, available everywhere via Madeline Ave Productions.

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