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Meet Amari Payne, the head man behind the budding media powerhouse Be Different Media
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Meet Amari Payne, the head man behind the budding media powerhouse Be Different Media

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Amari Payne from the southeast portion of the nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C., at only 18 years of age has accomplished so many wonderful things that few men in their 40s and 50s has accomplished. From highlight reels for artists such as Wale, shooting footage at Quality Control private events, recording & editing high quality music videos for artists such as Nocap, Big Scarr, Toosii, & Lil Zay Osama, and just consistently putting in a lot of work to be great, Amari Payne is building something special with Be Different Media. Add in assisting with media on tours from artists of Lil Durk and EST Gee really positions the young man as a force to be reckon with.

Coming from a tough environment, Simple City, and wanting to retire his mother as soon as possible, Amari is on a mission to ensure that every move he makes brings him closer to solidifying his presence as one of the best directors worldwide. He is not just focusing on being just a cameraman but one of the best visual engineers and creative minds of the modern era.

His mindset for his young age exudes maturity beyond his year and he has many big things ahead of them. A few include opening a hair care and tobacco business at the end of this year. You can follow him on Instagram at Be.Differentmedia to keep up with his journey and really see the magic he is making with film.

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