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Law Is Fed Up Again With Her Newest Single “These Boys Ain’t It”
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Law Is Fed Up Again With Her Newest Single “These Boys Ain’t It”

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Law is fed up again, and the title of her newest single, “These Boys Ain’t It,” proves it! Of course, the song’s title also goes with Law’s consistent theme of blasting men who are no good for her, so what will the R&B/Pop singer have in store for us this time?

Compared to her most recent track, “Keep It Moving” which features Hot 97’s DJ Drewski, Cruch Calhoun, and Acemula, Law is riding her “These Boys Ain’t It” track solo.

Law gave birth to her first-ever album, Vent, on March 8, 2022, which has over 1 MILLION plays. The album has 7 songs that all wrap around her “fed up” approach.

During a recent interview, I had with Law aka (L)adies (A)lways (W)in, she explained how her women empowerment stance came from her “Catch A Cheater” Tik-Tok series. Which is another way the artist calls men out who “ain’t it.” The series has over 80 million views on Tik-Tok and over 1,000,000 devotees. Law opened up about how powerful she felt recording her music during the day and afterward “putting her cape on to catch a cheater.” She says she was like “the superhero or batman for the girls.”

Law’s warm, deep, and soft tone can range from an R&B soul vibe to a Pop sound. For example, in her song “Controller,” she sings her verses in a deep, authoritative tone that gives the song a soulful but daring appeal. The hook, however, has a very fun, uplifting “break free” Pop approach. Implementing both of these genres demonstrates not only her talent but also her versatility. Versatility can also be surprising, so be careful boys!

With the Vent album and “Catch A Cheater” series rapidly gaining attention, Law’s consistency and creativity with her music and visuals, Lawand is creating a bold presence in the R&B, Pop, and entertainment world.

Follow Law on social media for updates on upcoming releases and stream her on Apple Music, Spotify, AudioMack, and all official music platforms!

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