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La Tona – “Love Me All Over”
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La Tona – “Love Me All Over”

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Today Brooklyn raised and Florida residing singer La Tona delivers her new single “Love Me All Over.” Designed and created for every woman’s journey of love, La Tona delivers a heartfelt song that will endure like all loving relationships that fight to keep the love alive. 
“Love Me All Over. It’s a song that I believe every woman has experienced at least once in their lifetime it’s about the emotional journey of what a woman endures during the ending of a once very loving relationship. It’s about the will to fight to keep the love they once had.
The music video was directed by Federico La Tona, and the song which was produced by Tommy Hamer was written by Linda Copeland and La Tona herself,. In addition to the aforementioned assistance the song is  co-produced and co-written by Douglas (II Nice) Lofton Jr.
Raised in the blue collar neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY prior to all the gentrification that you are seeing, La Tona was born to immigrants and was heavily influenced by her brother and sister’s musical influences like Janis Joplin, the Doors, Joe Cocker, but then fell in love with Motown, funk, disco music and more. 
“Love Me All Over” can be found on her album La Tona. 

“We are in the process of completing my first EP, and a second single is soon to be released called Live Free. We are very excited about that! I’m also very excited about going on tour and performing! Hopefully we can put COVID behind us soon!”

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