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Jessica Lowndes Releases Debut Album ‘ELEMENTAL’
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Jessica Lowndes Releases Debut Album ‘ELEMENTAL’

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Canadian music, TV and film star Jessica Lowndes shares her debut album “ELEMENTAL,” followed by the comprehensive visual album on September 16, 2022.

As an internationally acclaimed music, TV and film star, Jessica has always forged her own path with her trailblazing acting, intriguing sounds, and song-writing skills. During the pandemic, the multihyphenate began working on her visual LP “ELEMENTAL,” and with everything shut down, there was no better time to finish it. Her directorial debut is featured in the project, which is about falling in love and finding new love.

A reflective new album laced with supple melodies and soul-baring introspection; it features seven different songs that combine to form a 30-minute short to tell her story. She employs the natural elements (earth, water, air and fire) to convey the emotions of the stories she tells, each with a different element. Jessica’s production has evolved into a spicy back and forth, and this project highlights the essence of sound that she has spent time fine-tuning as she explores the journey of love, loss, and redemption.

Jessica uses her considerable storytelling abilities to sort through the weight of searching for love, romantic uncertainty and rediscovering self, throughout the entire project.

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In the first single from the album, Jessica is a wanderer looking for love in “Hunter,” and she follows the path of the celestial bodies to guide her on the journey while holding onto hope. She mentions someone warning her about who she gives her heart to, and now she is in love with a man she describes as a thief in the night, and the singer is being hunted by her lover. In the second single, the element of earth is highlighted in “Bitter End” because we see her going through an earthquake in her relationship. The third single, “Lost Love,” Jessica expresses her deep feelings for a man she now refers to as “her one and only.” She is torn between whether she is truly in love with this man and whether they are reuniting due to loneliness.

In “Chasing Ghosts,” Lowndes explores a haunting melody, dark and moody cinematic production, and leans into her iconic climactic builds. Charging with electricity, “Chasing Ghosts” is musical lightning in a bottle. It is a metaphorical song about Jessica offering herself to rescue a soul but ends up giving up the task as she feels the person in question isn’t ready to give up the fight against the ghost he is after. The song features vibrant synths, quick drum lines, and rich bass.

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