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Jermaine Dupri and Curren$y Unveil the Music Video “Essence Fest”
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Jermaine Dupri and Curren$y Unveil the Music Video “Essence Fest”

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Continuing to leave their mark on the music scene, Grammy® Award-winning producer, songwriter, and rapper Jermaine Dupri and New Orleans-based rapper Curren$y have unveiled the cinematic music video for their latest release, “Essence Fest.” The song is featured on their collaborative EP, titled “For Motivational Use Only.”

The visually stunning video captures Jermaine Dupri and Curren$y in Downtown New Orleans, showcasing captivating shots that perfectly complement the energetic track. Directed by Rick Nyce, the video brings an added layer of vibrancy to the already lively song. With scenes featuring exotic low-riders, champagne bottles, courtside basketball seats, and appearances from notable figures, the video provides a glimpse into the typical day of these rap moguls.

The EP, “For Motivational Use Only,” kicks off with the infectious groove of “So So Jets,” driven by Curren$y’s punchy bars and Jermaine Dupri’s danceable production. The duo picks up the tempo with the exhilarating “Off The Lot,” featuring 2 Chainz. The track begins with funky drums and a heavenly vocal sample, leading into Curren$y’s chantable hook, “I just left the lot in this bitch, I’m finna hit the shop in this shit.” 2 Chainz contributes a fierce verse filled with clever wordplay and his signature vocals. The EP concludes with “Fortune 500,” a three-minute display of Curren$y’s lyrical prowess set against an uplifting guitar melody and driving drums, narrating his journey to success. The project also includes the track “Never Fall Off” featuring T.I.

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To celebrate hip-hop’s 50th anniversary and So So Def’s 30th anniversary, Jermaine Dupri will be delivering a star-studded performance titled “The South Got Something to Say” at this year’s Essence Festival. The event, scheduled for Saturday, July 1st, will feature electrifying performances from artists such as Big Boi, Gucci Mane, Lil Jon, Ludacris, T.I., and more. Single-night tickets for Essence Festival can be found on all streaming platforms.

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