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JasonMartin drops song “I Can’t Believe ( They’re Smoking Weed In Brooklyn)
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JasonMartin drops song “I Can’t Believe ( They’re Smoking Weed In Brooklyn)

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In the realm of contemporary music, today marks a significant moment as we bear witness to the return of JasonMartin, the multifaceted artist, producer, and astute entrepreneur, previously recognized as Problem. With his latest musical offering, “I Can’t Believe (They’re Smoking Weed in Brooklyn),” Martin unveils a composition that transcends mere sonic exploration.

Immersed in the lush sonic landscape of a soulful and groove-infused beat, meticulously crafted by the esteemed production tandem Buda & Grandz, Martin navigates this musical canvas with a profound sense of purpose. Within the lyrical tapestry of this composition, he weaves a narrative rich with emotional depth, invoking contemplation on the bonds of friendship, the poignant pangs of heartfelt losses, and the ever-oscillating tapestry of life’s myriad trials and triumphs.

As we embark on this auditory journey, it is clear that JasonMartin’s artistic prowess remains unscathed and perhaps even heightened. His introspective musings serve as a testament to the enduring relevance of his craft. “I Can’t Believe (They’re Smoking Weed in Brooklyn)” stands as a poignant reflection of his artistic evolution and emotional resonance.

Listeners, prepare to be entranced by this masterful work. Experience the profundity of “I Can’t Believe (They’re Smoking Weed in Brooklyn)” and immerse yourself in the artistry of JasonMartin. Take a listen Here.

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“Less than a decade ago, my Brooklyn homies warned me about getting arrested for smoking weed on the corner. As someone from Compton, the home of The Chronic, this was mind-blowing. Recently, during a trip to New York, I experienced a whole new world. I went to smoke shops, lounges, ate at Lucian, an outdoor spot in the Lower East Side, all while enjoying my joint. It was unbelievable, lol,” explains Martin.

“Fast forward to my studio session with longtime friend Buda, we reminisced about those days, discussing friends who came and went, and those who stuck around. He threw on the track, I entered the booth and just rapped about the conversation. Now, we’re about to share that convo with everyone.”

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The new music follows Martin’s 10-track project released earlier this year, “I Owe Myself,” which was a collaboration with Los Angeles band, The Melodiks.

Currently, fans can tune-in to Martin’s newly launched podcast series “Coughie Talk” alongside [co-hosts names]. This series is the latest edition to his Coffee and Kush empire, which includes music and film productions, as well as a range of products and merchandise. New podcast episodes are released every Monday and Wednesday on YouTube, covering a variety of topics with a primary focus on pop culture, entertainment, music, and current events. Throughout these discussions, Martin engages in conversations over coffee and cannabis. You can watch all episodes of the podcast HERE.

The song is available tomorrow, 9/8 and serves as the lead single for a new project releasing this Fall – Purchase your copy of the Here

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