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Gritty Lex – ‘Mackramento’ EP
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Gritty Lex – ‘Mackramento’ EP

gritty lex mackramento ep – Lenox and Parker

Today rising West Coast artist Gritty Lex delivers her new Mackramento visual EP.

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Gritty Lex grew up playing soccer competitively but after tragedy struck her family, Gritty Lex transitioned to music and found her niche with Hip-Hop and R&B influenced tracks.

“I would not be who I am without Sacramento so I named my new EP Mackramento.  I’ve moved all around my city and there’s a lot of politicking going in this city, but I just try to do what I do best. The visuals are all pretty different and we just try to find the right vibes, but I try to keep it jumpy so people can always dance to the music. It can be darker, it can be trappy, but it’s all original. The single Juice is the track we were going to drop after the project, but I recorded it in LA in a living room in like 4 minutes. It was out of my comfort zone but everyone just loves it so much, it’s def different, it’s a vibe that I think is contagious.”

Diving further and further into experimenting with music, Gritty Lex experimented with her fair share of substances, which she speaks about frequently in her music. 

“I got pretty heavy into using drugs and it was the majority of the way I was making money. Then one day, one of my best friends took me to the studio and I was just watching them work. I’ve always been into music and so it was something that was an outlet for me. Ever since then, they’ve been like family for me and it’s been a way for me to get my ideas out there. That’s what we’re doing now, there’s no other option for me,” Gritty Lex explained. 

Adding to the dynamic of her music, Gritty Lex’s perseverance through trauma extends to her relationship with her father who is currently homeless and suffers from schizophrenia and drug addiction. Despite the sadness associated with a family member that suffers from mental health issues, Gritty Lex has persevered and found the beauty in her relationship with her father aside from his own personal struggles that would otherwise stop her from maintaining a relationship with him. 

“He will write and spits real shit to me – we go back and forth rapping, and so my music is very different and personal to me. My music goes way beyond just making music in the studi, its connection to my father and he’s influenced me and the music we share together really saved my life,” Gritty Lex explained. 

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After connecting with Aris Kirkland shortly after being saved by her own passion for making music, Gritty Lex began diving further into the aesthetic of her sound which eventually came in the form of her upcoming Mackramento visual EP. Debuting for fans in the form of four clean visuals, Gritty Lex has so much to say to the world through her experimental music. 

“I like to do experimental music and I want to show people I’m versatile. I’m pretty bipolar, so sometimes I get on a beat and rage out and sometimes I mix a lot of different sounds to make my sound. I don’t believe there’s anyone that sounds like, I just try to mix different genres and talk about stuff that’s relatable and that can touch everybody while still trying to incorporate stuff that I go through. Just give me a freaked out beat and you just never know what it’s gonna sound like,” Gritty Lex explained. 

Tune in here!

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