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Grammy-Nominated Alvin Garrett Unveils Powerful Album ‘SFTY’
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Grammy-Nominated Alvin Garrett Unveils Powerful Album ‘SFTY’

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A Musical Masterpiece Born from Real Stories of Redemption and Freedom

Renowned Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, Alvin Garrett, has finally released his highly-anticipated album, “SFTY.”

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Garrett’s latest offering is a powerful new project inspired by the struggles of real individuals, creating an emotive musical journey that transcends traditional boundaries.

“SFTY” is more than just an album; it’s a concept born from Garrett’s engagement with previously incarcerated individuals while partnering with The Dannon Project, a prison reentry program in Birmingham, AL. 

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“SFTY”, which is pronounced “Safety,” is an acronym for “Songs For The Yard.” 

Garrett says, “I believe that this new project is the soundtrack for the quest for freedom, healing, and safety that we are all on in some way.” The musical concept of The Yard represents that precious moment of free time when individuals seek liberation from emotional and mental incarceration. 

Garrett’s carefully curated track-list of 11 songs are 

encapsulated by a diverse range of soulful and introspective tracks; each serving as a chapter in the profound journey through the interwoven tapestry of human experience.

 The opening track, “I’m Still Here,” sets the tone for the album, reflecting on resilience and authenticity while embracing one’s true self amidst life’s challenges.

“Free Time” explores the desire for personal space and moments of reflection, and it captures the universal need for self-care in a hectic world.

Addressing the pressures of life, “Bottled Up” delves into the emotional strain of internalizing struggles while yearning for release.

“Til I Get Back To You,” tells the story of the heart that longs to be connected beyond the borders of life’s issues. 

“Beyond The Cage” is about the struggle to find inner peace despite external rejection of one’s quest for redemption.

“Hopefully Heaven” delves into the complexities of seeking spiritual solace, while questioning the nature of hope in the face of desperation.

“Time Machine” explores the fantasy of rewriting one’s past while reshaping one’s future. 

“Fingerprints” takes an investigative approach to finding clarity and purpose in the midst of traumatic experiences.

“You’ll Always Come For Me” seeks to inspire a renewed hope in God through heartfelt human connection.

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The title track, “SFTY (Safety),” celebrates the concept of mental and emotional security, and “A Little More,” is what one should expect when we are inspired by love and service to one another.

Through this innovative intersection of music and mission, Garrett has pioneered another soulful masterpiece in his award-winning catalog. Prepare to immerse yourself in the emotional depth and musical brilliance that Alvin Garrett consistently delivers.

The album is available now on all music streaming platforms.

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