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Five Reasons Why All Relationships Struggle
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Five Reasons Why All Relationships Struggle

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No matter how long you have been in a relationship, you are bound to experience challenges. Conflicts and disagreements are some of the things that define even the strongest relationships. There isn’t a single couple that does not go through small bumps in an attempt to understand and accommodate each other better. So, why does this happen?

Why is it that people who love and care for each other deeply still disagree and fall out? Below are 5 reasons all relationships struggle 

Unfulfilled expectations: When you get into a relationship, you have needs and expectations that you expect to be fulfilled. You may have some needs that are similar with those of your partner, but not all of them will be. This brings about conflict in the relationship, and you both of you may feel short changed. 

Power struggle: No matter how compatible you and your partner are, there comes a stage in the relationship when power struggle kicks in. This is the transition from the honey moon stage where everything was perfect to a place where you start noticing flaws. You also find yourself trying to define your role in the relationship and this can cause friction. 

Communication styles: Men and women have different communication styles. Women are more open and emotional while men are closed and logical in most cases. This always creates a misunderstanding in relationships. If you do not learn how to effectively communicate and express your feelings, then you will have a lot of conflicts.

Personality difference: We all have our traits, habits, and behavior that really define us. Sometimes, it is difficult for partners to blend in and integrate into each other’s differences. This cases conflict, especially when you try to change the other person and make them be like you. 

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Having different goals: Since you are different, and you have your own goals and ambitions, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand and support each other. Coupled with the fact that your socialization might be very different, it can be difficult to synchronize goals especially when major decisions such as money and where you will stay is involved. 

Conflicts in a relationship are not necessarily bad. You can use your differences to learn more about each other. Once you internalize how to communicate, and other essentials of a good relationship, then you can actually sail through it and enjoy being together.

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