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Explosive Collaboration: BenBoh and 2kBaby Unleash ‘Jealousy’ on Friday – Prepare for a Summer Anthem!
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Explosive Collaboration: BenBoh and 2kBaby Unleash ‘Jealousy’ on Friday – Prepare for a Summer Anthem!

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Prepare to be blown away by the upcoming release of BenBoh’s latest hip-hop sensation, “Jealousy,” featuring the talented 2kBaby from Kentucky. BenBoh, originally from Maryland, has gained massive popularity with his previous hits, especially “Sick Of Love,” which has amassed over a million YouTube views. His success has caught the attention of significant entertainment news outlets like Akademiks, Our Generation, and SayCheese TV, solidifying his position as a rising star.

Despite being teased through snippets on social media and glimpses from recent performances, “Jealousy” has already created a buzz. Fans eagerly await the release of this highly anticipated track, and BenBoh himself can barely contain his excitement. In a recent interview, he passionately expressed, “I’ve never been this excited about a single release. ‘Jealousy’ will be an anthem for the summer, and the fans will love it.”

A major highlight of “Jealousy” is the collaboration between BenBoh and 2kBaby. The chemistry they discovered while working together adds an extra layer of anticipation. In addition, BenBoh has praised 2kBaby’s talent, increasing excitement for the upcoming release.

The official release date for “Jealousy” has been announced by BenBoh himself on Instagram. Circle May 26th, 2023, on your calendars as this incredible track will finally be unleashed upon the world. With BenBoh’s proven success and the immense buzz surrounding the song, “Jealousy” is destined for greatness.

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Stay updated and catch exclusive previews leading up to the release by following BenBoh’s social media channels. Then, prepare for a hip-hop anthem that will dominate the airwaves and set the tone for an unforgettable summer. BenBoh and 2kBaby are about to drop something extraordinary, and the world is eagerly waiting to embrace “Jealousy” with open arms.

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