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Exclusive Interview: Billboard Chart-Topper Otis Kemp Reveals ‘EVERYTHING’ Inspiration with Lena Byrd Miles.
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Exclusive Interview: Billboard Chart-Topper Otis Kemp Reveals ‘EVERYTHING’ Inspiration with Lena Byrd Miles.

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Chart-topping gospel artist, Otis Kemp hailing proudly from South Florida, is poised to make a resounding return to the music scene with his latest single, “EVERYTHING,” featuring the soul-stirring vocals of Lena Byrd Miles. 

EVERYTHING, the ‘much-anticipated song is set to release on November 24th.

The anticipation surrounding this release is heightened by the success of his previous single, “Daily Bread,” which marked him as the first Gospel artist from South Florida to secure a national #1 single on the Billboard Gospel Airplay Chart.

Kemp’s unique blend of Gospel, R&B, and cultural influences sets him apart in the industry, and his commitment to a healthy lifestyle further distinguishes him as an artist with a holistic approach to life.

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In this Q&A interview, Otis Kemp delves into the inspiration behind “EVERYTHING,” his collaboration with My Block Records Label, and his vision for the future as he continues to break barriers and inspire through his music and wellness advocacy.

Q: Otis, you’re back with a powerful new single, “EVERYTHING,” featuring Lena Byrd Miles. What inspired this collaboration and the message behind the song?

Otis: The collaboration with Lena Byrd Miles is a dream come true. Her soul-stirring vocals perfectly complement the message I wanted to convey with “EVERYTHING.” The song is all about gratitude and reliance on God in both challenging and celebratory moments. It’s a testament to the idea that, no matter what, God is everything to us.

Q: Your previous single, “Daily Bread,” made history as the first national #1 single by a Gospel artist from South Florida. How does it feel to break through barriers, and what can we expect from “EVERYTHING”?

Otis: Breaking through barriers with “Daily Bread” was mind-blowing, especially representing South Florida. With “EVERYTHING,” I aim to continue that momentum. The song has a unique blend of Gospel, R&B, and cultural influences, and Lena’s vocals add a dynamic touch. It’s not just about solidifying my place in Gospel; I want to reach a broader audience and venture into the mainstream.

Q: You’ve teamed up with My Block Records Label for this project. How has this collaboration influenced your musical journey, and what excites you most about it?

Otis: Working with My Block Records Label has been a thrilling journey. It’s allowed me to amplify my message and reach even greater heights with “EVERYTHING.” The excitement lies in the opportunity to share my music on a grand scale and connect with a diverse audience. It’s a dream collaboration that’s taking my musical journey to new heights.

Q: “EVERYTHING” is described as a crossover sensation. How would you define your distinctive style, and how does it reflect your cultural roots and musical influences?

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Otis: My style is a fusion of Gospel, R&B, and the vibrant culture of South Florida with a sprinkle of Bahamian flavor. Growing up as a “rowdy PK,” my smooth voice stood out in the family group I sang with. Despite early experiences in hip-hop, my commitment to Gospel music has remained steadfast. It’s about representing where I come from and infusing that vivid cultural lens into my music.

Q: Beyond the music, you’re promoting a healthy lifestyle. How does your commitment to wellness align with your artistic journey, and what message do you hope to share through this dual passion?

Otis: Wellness is a holistic approach that extends beyond the music. It’s about nourishing not only our spirits with uplifting tunes but also our bodies through a healthy lifestyle. I believe there’s a rhythm to life, a balance that echoes through both music and wellness. Through my journey, I hope to inspire others to live vibrantly, in tune with the music of their own existence.

Q: What legacy do you aspire to leave as an artist, and what can fans expect from Otis Kemp in the near future?

Otis: My legacy is about giving God the glory for the life He gave me. As an artist, there’s never been a doubt that I would sing Gospel music. I want to be remembered for sharing the good news through my music. Fans can expect more soul-stirring tunes, a continued commitment to wellness, and a journey that transcends musical boundaries. “EVERYTHING” is just the beginning.

You can follow Otis Kemp on his social media at: Instagram @iamotiskemp

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