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El Jubo Ft. Zaytoven – “Paper”
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El Jubo Ft. Zaytoven – “Paper”

El Jubo – Lenox and Parker

Atlanta superproducer Zaytoven has introduced the world to some of the most iconic individuals (Gucci Mane) in hip-hop within the last decade and continues to introduce the future of the genre. Today, Zay ventures out of the ATL and heads to Virginia to introduce the world to his latest discovery in up-and-coming recording artist El Jubo with the release of their new single, “Paper.”

For the new collaboration, the new comer and legendary producer enlist the sounds of Don Kevo for a bouncy, creative, money-motivated anthem. Speaking on his creative process El Jubo states: “When people ask me how I make music I never really know what to say because I don’t have a defined process. I just dive into the music and let the beat speak to me then through me. How I feel in the moment really influences the vibe I’m on.”

“Paper” sets up the new artist’s forthcoming project — which is a follow-up to his 2019 album Summer Wars. Last year, El Jubo dropped three songs “Problems,” “Right Here” and “Chrome Hearts.” El Jubo hails from Hampton, Virginia, the same area as the Virginia superstar, Chris Brown. “Paper” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan.

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Stream El Jubo and Zaytoven’s new song “Paper” below and follow El Jubo on Instagram.

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