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Egypt Sherrod, How she combined Family & Friends to create a Real Estate and Home Furnishing Empire
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Egypt Sherrod, How she combined Family & Friends to create a Real Estate and Home Furnishing Empire

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In ancient Egypt, the word pharaoh meant “great house”, a reference to the palace where a ruler or king resides. Egypt Sherrod’s presence has always felt regal and it’s no rhetorical coincidence that she teamed up with her husband Mike to create great homes for others.

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Egypt Sherrod’s career began as a radio host for a jazz station at 18. A year later she was promoted to the youngest radio station music director in the country. Years later, Egypt would become a force in urban radio as the #1 radio personality for New York’s WBLS. Her persona superseded radio as one that fans and listeners trusted beyond interviews with musicians and celebrities. Egypt loved her career in radio, but always had an affinity with real estate, that stemmed from watching her father and uncles as real estate professionals. Egypt was perceptive enough to know her future wouldn’t always consist of chasing interviews of the rich and famous or introducing the latest urban record. She wanted the second chapter in her story to focus on family and building a legacy. Her husband Mike Jackson’s career followed the same formula. Mike moonlit as a successful DJ, that also renovated, restored and sold properties. Egypt and Mike’s union was made in real estate heaven with a foundation in urban music culture. ‘Married to Real Estate’ is more than the title of their television show, it’s truly a way of life for the couple. 

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Today Egypt has successfully transitioned from radio personality to executive producer and star of the couple’s show ‘Married to Real Estate’. The series features Egypt and her hubby working together on projects while juggling parenthood and everyday life. For fans assuming Egypt is basking in having it all, she is quick to direct thanks for her successful career pivot to God’s grace.  “I wake up every day and before the world can enter my mind, I give thanks for at least 3 things that I’m grateful for. I have a gratitude journal and I try to write daily. The thing that’s been consistent for me has been God’s grace over me, my children and family. There was a point in my life where I looked around and I didn’t like who and what I was surrounded by, but the great thing about waking up every day is that we have a chance to change ourselves and a chance to change our environment. I’m thankful that when fans of the show see me and my family out, they greet us with love instead of gossip,” she shares.

In an industry that often places women in boxes based on age and accessibility, Egypt is an example that talent and purpose can defy the limitations that Hollywood attempts to set. “Society puts these limits and expectations and makes women especially think that maybe motherhood is out of reach, that maybe marriage is out of reach and that you have to settle into life or career without trying to accomplish any other goals you might have. There is so much wisdom that comes in time with being seasoned that allows us to approach life differently.” 

From radio veejay to the host of HGTV’ “Flipping Virgins” and ‘Property Virgins’, Egypt’s transformation was one of the most well-executed pivots in entertainment. She was able to re/connect with her radio audience and grow an entire new fanbase on HGTV, but she still wasn’t satisfied with hosting a show that didn’t showcase her multilayered talents in real estate. She believes her faith and dedication to a positive mindset are responsible for the harvest in her life. “There is a power in reinvention. I’m still becoming even at the age of forty something. I’m still accepting the abundant life and abundant mindset that’s already been designed for me but I had yet to claim.”

The mindset she references has changed drastically since Egypt was a bright eyed ambitious twenty-something taking urban radio by storm in the 90’s. As a wife, mother and business owner, her priorities naturally shifted over the years. “Today success for me is not defined by the number of zeros in my bank account, in my twenties I thought that was the definition of success. Today success for me is defined by peace. So even if no one is looking I’m dancing. I didn’t have that resolve or understanding in my twenties,” she explains.

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Egypt discovered focusing on the things most important to her, opened a whole new opportunity for income and the ability to enrich the lives of others. “By following my passion and going left while the world and trends seemed to be going right, it allowed me to pave my own lane because I wasn’t doing what everyone else was. That’s why I call my family of companies INDIGO ROAD. I always took my own path, even if it was less popular. Now I own a conglomerate, Indigo Road is a real estate brokerage with a design and renovation arm. And my home furnishings imprint is under the same umbrella. We are a one stop shop for real estate, renovation and design. When we started creating our own opportunities and platforms that’s how our show, ‘Married to Real Estate’ came about. My husband and I created that. He shot it on his camera phone, edited it into a sizzle reel and we presented it to HGTV, “ she shares.

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‘Married to Real Estate’ gave Egypt and Mike an opportunity to inspire through their gifts and industry know-how. “There is no clock on our journey. I tell people when they set a goal move forward and don’t look left or right, no timers, no clocks. Home ownership is the key to wealth so I hope that we are putting home ownership as a goal on our vision boards.

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I want to see our community talking about leaving legacy and not debt. We should be aiming to leave our children not only homeowners but trust owners, estate owners. There is a whole different line of thinking, an abundance mindset we should be moving towards, Egypt says.

Egypt is a living example of mindset determining reality. The television host, real estate broker, designer, author, life coach and powerful speaker believes the best is yet to come for her and anyone else that believes. She named her company ‘Indigo Road’ to pay homage to her philosophy that the journey is the gift as opposed to the destination. 

For a woman whose name is reminiscent of a country that inspired innovation and ingenuity and is celebrated for legendary pyramids and temples, – or great homes, Egypt’s journey has been almost prophetic. Her impact on her immediate and extended community continues to grow with each successful season of ‘Married to Real Estate’. Egypt’s second act has proven successful beyond her imagination but she believes it pales in comparison to what lies ahead.

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