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Earlly Mac & Imbunlee Releases New Single “Overdue”
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Earlly Mac & Imbunlee Releases New Single “Overdue”

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The emerging yet accredited producer The ATG is bringing together some of Detroit’s elite for a Hip-Hop compilation album entitled Detroit Cinematic Album.

ATG is ready to carry the city on his back, highlighting some of the best talents. The artist is set to release the album in its full entirety soon. In the meantime, his team is releasing a slew of infectious singles (with visuals) to begin the pulse of anticipation.

The project is executive produced by Detroit’s Joe Robinson, and the first single, “Overdue,” features Grammy-nominated Earlly Mac (worked with Big Sean, Saweetie, Beyonce, etc.) and the rising IMBUNLEE. If you’re familiar with Earlly Mac, “Overdue” carries his signature flow with IMBUNLEE adding his smooth delivery. The track is a short one but hits for the whole two minutes, with each rapper displaying versatility.

Occupying a space all his own, The ATG has more than proven that he owns the lane where huge, cinematic sound meets traditional hip-hop production. With a consistently unique style, tinged with avant-garde gothic elements, the elusive producer has built a catalog behind him that speaks for itself.

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Enjoy this first installment from the Detroit Cinematic Album and stay ready for more on the way.

Stream “Overdue” below.

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