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Denny Strickland – ” I Got The Sauce”
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Denny Strickland – ” I Got The Sauce”

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Denny Strickland has mastered that rare combination of weaving classic traditions with game-changing new techniques and aching honesty. His authenticity to himself and curiosity to bridge musical gaps will never stray, no matter where life takes him.

With a keen ear across the charts, Strickland has become notorious for seamlessly taking elements from a variety of genres and creating his own distinct sound. The Nashville resident released his first LP, “California Dreamin”  in August 2018. Strickland continues to have a knack for party-friendly anthems and doesn’t try to hide his affinity for everyone from Lana Del Rey to Timbaland on songs that bear heavy pop and electronic influences. 

Fusing his country roots with a deep love for West Coast culture and aesthetic, singer-songwriter Denny Strickland cannot be missed. Named one of Rolling Stone’s “Top 10 Artists to Watch,” Strickland quickly gained national attention for his daring innovative ways of crossing musical lines. His newest single, the R&B influenced country anthem “Don’t You Wanna” (featuring Juicy J), is an exemplary example of his technique as he continues to push the boundaries of music. 

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Now, Denny follows that up with his latest, “I Got The Sauce”, about which he says, “I got the sauce”… hmm yeah I had fun with it. I mention old school references with a modern approach on the production. Something I’m known for, but different styling making it hard to imitate. Everyone is knocking everyone off with this Western theme. I was the first in a long while with Juicy J and then Lil Nas X, J Lo and even Tyga. I’m transitioning into the rap world but I’m still country and I’m going to treat this new world like my old with a steady rise. The songs are going to keep coming – this is just a taste just like before with Juicy. The opening line “I got the sauce boots and hats, yeah, it says it all.” That’s the honest truth I am what I wear. Realism is everything and I’m spitting every word of the truth. I’ve been listening to the new track leading up to the release and I honestly feel this is the best thing I’ve released yet. This song is an anthem and that’s hard for me. I seem to always end up with a bunch of ballads like I’m George Strait. That’s cool and all but you have to keep the energy up and this does that in a low key fire type of way. I love how the production and the vocals complement one another like a hard hitting glove.”

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