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D.Tall – Kill Lucy (LP)
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D.Tall – Kill Lucy (LP)

Artwork – Lenox and Parker

Within a year, Dallas, Texas has transformed from relatively unknown to a major label gold mine with the signing of a Buffett of new artists. Looking to follow in the footsteps is impressive new rapper D.Tall. Ohio roots but Dallas reppin, D. Tall proves he is more than just hype while telling his come-up story in the new full-length effort, creatively-titled, Kill Lucy.

Faithfully driven with a relentless work ethic, D.Tall’s 10-track collection is deeply introspective reality raps that explore his vulnerability, aspirations and intelligence. Separating himself from the norm, D.Tall superior lyrical abilities match perfectly with his self-production throughout the album. To be able to do it all makes the new act a bonafide star naturally growing into the Triple D’s top prospect.

Still rough around the edge but overloaded with raw potential exhibited passionately on tracks like “Tried to Love the Streets,” “Glory to God” and “Thankful.” Album title short for “Kill Lucifer,” D.Tall’s aura is a divine intervention for newly discovered fans once they hit play. A great discovery for new and an insisted essential for the old.

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Stream it below. Before you check out his daily route on social media. D.Tall’s new album is available now on all DSP via 2 Entertainment.

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