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Counter Culture Mom releases “Hollywood Exposed”
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Counter Culture Mom releases “Hollywood Exposed”

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Pop culture expert Tina Griffin has spent the past seventeen years traveling the country, shining a light on the barrage of negative messages the entertainment industry is imprinting on our children. This former Hollywood actress considers this her most challenging and important role, confronting the long-term effects of media on our children. Now, Griffin is taking the most pressing questions and topics parents want to know about, and addressing them head-on with her new HOLLYWOOD EXPOSED audio series, available today. HOLLYWOOD EXPOSED is an eye-opening, in-depth look at today’s pop culture. This four-hour audio series, available as a four-CD set or downloadable MP3, was recorded live at a recent speaking event, where Griffin shared the truth behind Hollywood’s messages with concerned parents who have committed to combat the lies their children are absorbing.   The series covers the gamut of hot button issues – everything from the dangerous behaviors TV shows and movies are promoting to the violent video games vying for our children’s attention.

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CD Series “Hollywood exposed”

HOLLYWOOD EXPOSED also includes essential discussions parents and kids need to have about making wise media choices along with many positive entertainment options.  “Concerned parents reach out to me on a daily basis, asking for guidance on how to safely navigate today’s pop culture chaos,” explains Griffin. “This CD series answers many of the main questions parents have been asking me over the last 17 years. They want to know how to regain control over their children’s media addictions and instill modesty and respect back in the home. Parents are seeking how they can keep their children safe from the dangerous behaviors Hollywood is promoting.” Griffin was exposed to the lies firsthand, working both in front of and behind the camera in Hollywood for over a decade. The young actress quickly realized the dark reality of the messages being dispersed through the popular media. Now Griffin is married and a homeschool mom of four who understands both the pressures her children are under as well as ways to effectively safeguard her home. She states, “I want to share this knowledge with every household in America. I know a big reason why children are suffering and I have the solution.”  HOLLYWOOD EXPOSED is divided into four individual topics: 

  •  Cultural Chaos: How TV shows, movies, and streaming videos promote identity crisis and gender confusion.
  •  Demonic Deception: How celebrities promote Satanism and Witchcraft in today’s music.
  •  Not Just a Game: How video games, sexting, bullying, and social media impact our children.
  •  Pop Culture Purge: How to safeguard your home from today’s harmful entertainment.

Griffin continues, “Hollywood’s message is causing a skyrocketing number of teens, tweens, and now toddlers to be depressed, and even suicidal. Self-harm and gender identity issues are reaching epidemic levels. It’s no longer just sex, drugs, and alcohol that pop culture is pushing on our children. We now see baby sacrifice, witchcraft, and group orgies glamorized in the top shows watched by teens today! “Our kids deserve better, and HOLLYWOOD EXPOSEDwill give parents the information they need to raise the next generation of counter culture warriors in today’s media mess! Overwhelmed parents will see positive results in their families when they apply the tips and tools I give throughout this series.” HOLLYWOOD EXPOSED is available in the store.

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About Tina Griffin:
Former actress Tina Griffin is a speaker, writer, and radio host. For the past 17 years, Tina has shared her message Hollywood Exposed around the globe and has been a featured speaker for Focus on the Family, National Speakers Association, Truth for a New Generation Tour, homeschool conventions, to name a few. She gives her pop-culture alerts on numerous radio shows like American Family Radio, Bill Martinez Live, and the Washington Watch, and through her Counter Culture Mom app. She is also launching her radio show Hollywood Insider. Tina and her husband Luke live in Nashville, Tennessee, where she homeschools their four children and strives daily to get America back on track.

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