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Connect The Dots: O’Neal Mcknight
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Connect The Dots: O’Neal Mcknight

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Our sit down with LA socialite & Business director of Gushcloud O’neal Mcknight talk business & the art of the party.

How do you ensure O’Neal is evolving creatively?

I evolve by listening and allowing myself to be open to other peoples ideas and input. I have to be surrounded by people smarter than me. I have to feed my brain.

How would you describe the company culture at GushCloud LA? 
Where do you fit in?

I would describe Gushcloud company culture as a melting pot of fresh vibrant ideas. We have a great team of young and season minded executives. I fit in as a seasoned executive that has over 20 years in the entertainment business. I had the opportunity and information to learn and grow from some of the best male and female mentors like Andre Harrell, Russell Simmons, James Jenkins, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Karen Kwak, Chuck Bone, & Tracey Waples.

My goal is to always make people have fun
and escape from all their worries

When creating a posh social event, what are the things you look for and add to make sure the client and the guest are satisfied? 

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For me to create a posh event, first, I have to lock down the sound, the DJ. Making sure the music is right is key, So you gotta have DJ Cassidy!! If you’ve been working all day i want you to come to one of my parties/events and leave all your worries behind. Remember I’m the same guy that wrote and sang “Check Your Coat” ft Greg Nice. The song goes “Just check your coat and let the music get inside you, and we can dance the night away just me and you”. So my goal is to always make the people have fun and escape from all their worries.

When’s your next event, tell us more?

Wednesday nights and Friday nights at Harriet’s Rooftop is my next event. It’s a real sexy good time vibe. I was brought in by Allison Melnick whose the queen of night life, along side the Legendary Damon, DJ Kiss and DJ MOS. We’re like The Avengers of night life. We’re on some super hero shit. We all came from NYC and brought a real cool vibe to LA night life. When your’e in LA you gotta come see us!

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