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Can R&B Singer Omoghéné Change The Music Industry With Artificial Intelligence?

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Rhythm and blues Singer/Songwriter Omoghéné, just released her new project “Love Is A Symphony” with a never before seen or done task, attaching A.I. Art to each track expressing her feelings.

The higher ups in the music industry would say that the consumers and independent artist today have so much knowledge and information to be able to breakthrough into stardom quicker and more easily than the independent artist from “Back In The Day”, is this necessarily true?

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The big machine companies still have the power and whatever they say goes at a click of a button from them as they pour marketing dollars into the artist and brands that they want to push, yes the talent has to be there, the look, the image, and the music, but ultimately one can say, they decide.

Understanding this, Independent Artist have to be more creative than ever to get noticed with their artistic abilities still being showcased in a way where the art still matters and they are true to themselves.

Omoghéné is that, does that, she is “HER” .

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In her recent release, “Love Is A Symphony” she released songs that beautifully depicted the different stages of love that is relatable to the entire world population, why? Because no matter how much hate is in the world, we all experience a stage of love, from a small amount to large, beginning stages to finished.

As Omoghéné’s lyrics expressed this love, she also released A.I. art to form visuals centered around her feelings and lyrics from the music on the project.

Check out her new project here:

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Also check out her art that was exclusively released at a release party but has been released to the world through her socials:


We pride ourselves on discovery and introducing artist to new and fresh energy. Check out and stay connected to Omoghéné and her movement, it seems as if she has a lot in store to come in the near future:


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