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Born to Lead, Raised to Succeed
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Born to Lead, Raised to Succeed

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Who is Michel Sproles

Michel Sproles was born in Harbor City and was raised in Compton, L.A. She lived in a full, merry house together with her parents and siblings. Little Michel spent much of her free time playing around with pals, and she loved racing with other kids on the streets. Her father noticed her athletic natural skills and signed her in for Track.

Between the ages of 7 and 14, she ran for Youth Track Team, at the Los Angeles Jets. Then, during her high school years, she went on racing for Long Beach Poly. All this hard work and competition years brought Michel Sproles a full Track Scholarship at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. The sports world also gave her the chance to meet since young years, her future husband, the NFL player, Darren Sproles. Now, the couple has no less than 3 beautiful daughters, Brianna, Devyn, and Rhyan.

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Past Year Challenges

2020 proved to be a challenging year for Michel, just as it was for most of us all. However, she was able to make the best of what was given to her. She focused on spending good quality time with her husband and children. Michel sees this as a great opportunity to regroup, refresh and start all over again on a much better basis.

Family Wisdom

It isn’t easy to balance family/ household life, with business life and sports activities. However, Michel Sproles has been succeeding in juggling all these aspects, for years. These beautiful results are based, obviously, on hard work, and love for her family. This rigor comes from her life-long training as a professional athlete.

Then there is another principle that she always follows. She proudly admits that this best piece of wisdom ever is coming from her mother. Her first concern has to be that of taking care of herself, from all points of view: physical, emotional, spiritual. If she is not in the best condition herself, she could never be able to do something good for her husband, her kids, or all the people that she is constantly working with. There is a special place in everybody’s hearts that is reserved exclusively for oneself and God. This is the place that gives her energy and hope when life gets tough.

Her family is her constant inspiration. Her husband is her best friend, her support and inspiration. She openly admits that marrying her husband is the one thing she would never change from her past.

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The Story behind Pink Line Hair

Michel had to overcome some serious challenges over time. The biggest of them was being diagnosed at age 28 with breast cancer, stage 0. She was lucky enough to overpass this disease and vowed to give something back and support the community of black women fighting the same disease. Thus she created the Pink Line Hair company. A part of their activity revolves around producing quality wigs for women under cancer treatment.

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She describes the culture of her brand as both feminine, and fierce.

Although the risk of developing breast cancer is lower than in the case of white women, the mortality is 41% higher in these black communities, because they don’t have the right resources. So she is a constant advocate for the black women supporting themselves in discovering their illness in time and in getting through all stages of recovery. Her company is constantly trying to raise women’s awareness in discovering cancer from an early stage. This is what saved her life, and the life of many more black women. She felt something strange about her breast, right after giving birth to her third daughter. She had a spiritual intuition about it and didn’t give up in insisting to take all medical examinations, although she didn’t fit the medical criteria.

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What Makes Her a Good Businesswoman

Michel’s great success in business revolves around 3 philosophical principles.

  • She treats everybody with the same respect, from the cleaning lady to the CEO.
  • Everybody in her team is granted the same acknowledgment for the part played in their brand’s success.
  • She knows how to delegate choirs. She brings in experts to take care of each issue in the best manner.
  • Then, there is something else that Michel never forgets. Nothing she could do is good enough. So she learned to do what she can and let the rest in God’s hands.

The best advice that she has to offer to any young black entrepreneur is to draft a precise goal list and then transform them into reality by a solid business plan.

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