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BenBoh: The Rising Hip Hop Star Taking the Music World by Storm
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BenBoh: The Rising Hip Hop Star Taking the Music World by Storm

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Yo, what’s good? If you have yet to hear of BenBoh, you’re missing out on the latest sensation in the rock and hip-hop world. This rising star has been making waves with his recent release, “Sick Of Love,” which has put him on the map. And it’s no surprise, with acclaimed producer Mike Mvjor behind him.

Originally from Olney, Maryland, BenBoh had a tough start, with no one believing in him until the passing of his younger sister, Cashen. Her death inspired BenBoh and his brother CamBoh to create music with purpose and consistency, and they were immediately launched into their destiny. BenBoh’s signature piece is the butterfly, representing his commitment to metamorphosis and inspiring others to change, grow, and develop themselves.

Only a month after its release, “Sick Of Love” has already garnered over 80k streams on Spotify and one million views on its music video directed by Corey Hallam and Jasmine Cartwright-Atkins.

The video portrays BenBoh’s struggle growing up around people who didn’t believe in his music career and his subsequent success and lifestyle change, causing old friends and acquaintances to return to his life. With the lines “I remember I didn’t have a friend on my back now…now they all comin’ back look at that now,” BenBoh candidly shares his experience of being supported by strangers before receiving recognition from those close to him.

BenBoh’s rapid rise has caught the attention of outlets like Our Generation, Say Cheese TV, and Akademiks, with positive and negative comments from fans and critics alike. But no matter what, he keeps pushing forward with his powerful message of growth and change.

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Currently traveling and performing his most recent single, “Sick Of Love,” BenBoh is a must-see live act. So if you want to be inspired and see the future of hip-hop, don’t miss out on BenBoh. This rising star is set to make waves for years to come.

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