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Bay Area Jeweler Tim Da Jeweler Releases New Diamond Encrusted Hats
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Bay Area Jeweler Tim Da Jeweler Releases New Diamond Encrusted Hats

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Tim Da Jeweler Hats 2 – Lenox and Parker

Recently Bay Area Jewelry designer Tim Da Jeweler has announced new groundbreaking work on his new line hats fully iced with with of hand set diamonds. The hats are designed and created in his in his new luxury showroom in Concord, CA where he’s worked with a host of upcoming artists in the Bay.

After spending time in the insurance industry for several years trying to find his calling, Tim Da Jeweler began to sell simple jewelry at an economic rate online to build his business until he was able to quit his insurance gig.

“I had bought some square earrings off of eBay and I thought about how I could easily sell and make them myself. I started off making square earrings that was the popular style at the time and I was doubling and tripling my money. I was making five times more than I was at the insurance company, so I quit the insurance business to do what I love and I started TSV Jewelers.”

After establishing TSV jewelers as a place where people can buy economical jewelry for less than a few hundred dollars, online Tim Da Jeweler established TDJ to provide the Bay Area community with high end custom pendants, earrings, rings and more.

“I wanted to be able to cater to all markets. ” Tim Da Jeweler explained. “Starting off my customers need to have a design or I can make the design for a small deposit. I can always spice up someone’s design, but once they approve the design we give them a 3D rendering of the work we are ready to produce.”

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Recalling some of his favorite pieces Tim Da Jeweler explained that he always looks for ways to upgrade and augment the look of his customer’s design.

“One time I worked with a client on this pirate piece that says West Pittsburg and it was rose and white gold. We just vibed out when we were just adding details here and there it and it just came out to be a masterpiece. It’s not too crazy but everything just fits and we really worked together to make it perfect,” he said.

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