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Dah Dah – “Back At It” (Music Video)
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Dah Dah – “Back At It” (Music Video)

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New artist Dah Dah wants to be the only topic of discussion in 2021’s next-generation hip-hop and makes his point very clear with the release of his extravagant new video for the latest single “Back At It.”

Directed by Flowtastic TV, Dah Dah runs through the streets after securing a safe full of cash following a hard’s days work and reflects on the demons, trauma and issues that come with the money and fame. Between the slick-talk and lingo, he shares news of his friends either dead or in jail, and always being under scrutiny. It’s the perfect origin point for newfound fans to follow the rising star as he plans to release more new music similar to “Back At It” in the coming months.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Dah Dah burst onto the music scene with his infectious singles “Wait A Minute”, “Told Y’all”, and most notable “Gang x3.” Clear this was no accident, while he exhibited his undeniable talents as a football player throughout the minor league, he amassed parallel success as an up-and-coming recording artist. In between his love for football and the hardships faced by him and his peers within Brooklyn, came the desire to put his own anger and emotions into music. “I was going through things so fast there was hardly anybody to really vent to, so i put it on beats not really knowing or caring for results, it was my therapy.” Soon after Dah Dah became merely a local liking in his hometown but enough buzz to garner viral attention later with his most popular records amassing over 10 Million views on Youtube. With major co-signs from Hip-Hop royals like 50 cent to mention, Dah Dah’s records started sticking to playlists all across streaming services. With new heightened momentum came new achievements like having his music selected for the official soundtrack of “The Purge: Election Year”, a box office hit that led to new attention for the young artist. Since then, Dah Dah has grown to be a well-rounded artist being able to deliver different sounds of music. Now he plans to give fans and music lovers not only his best work but also an exclusive look at who the artist Dah Dah truly is.

“Back At It” sets up Dah Dah’s 2021 album coming soon. His next effort will tell more of his backstory and how he will maneuver moving ahead in music. “My new music is for my fans, I’m telling my story my way,” he says.

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Adding: “These past years has changed me so it’s only right my music too.”

Until the album, stream “Back At It” now via own imprint.

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