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B-Jada – Diamond (LP)
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B-Jada – Diamond (LP)

diamond cover art – Lenox and Parker

After building a buzz that quickly spread out of the Bay Area with several collaborative projects, rising Oakland recording artist B-Jada seizes the moment with the release of his breakout album, titled Diamond. The project’s first single, “Rep Da Set,” established anticipation of the 17-song project that includes guest appearances from a star-studded cast of Lazy Genius, Boots Greene, ZellyMack, King Cydal and MC Pat. This is the perfect introduction for any newfound fan as the album exhibits the rising star’s best work yet.

Diamond is a project that peels back the layers behind the new artist’s swift, slick, braggadocious and energetic persona most were exposed to last year. It gives us a glimpse behind the flash and tells us the story of the man trying to succeed by any means necessary. On tracks like “Favorite Rapper,” “Smug,” “Selfish” and more, we witness the creativity of an artist destined to become a game-changer in today’s music. For B-Jada, Diamond is his breakthrough project into the mainstream landscape.

Like a These Things Happen, My Ghetto Report Card and Born to Mack, Jada’s latest took time to prepare. While a collection of his best work yet to most, for B-Jada, the album’s creation was met with several hiatus due to other obligations that would make for beneficial moments, creatively. Jada explains:

“The whole process was memorable on my momma though. I know that might sound a little cliche but it’s true. This album was a process because it was actually supposed to be released a year before it was but I was working on multiple collaborative projects with multiple artists at the same time which just kinda organically moved the release date back a few times. I was trying to build a buzz for “Diamond.” One moment that kinda sticks out though is a moment involving a song called “Smug.” Smug is a song that actually sounds like 2 different songs. The first part has a more traditional rap feel then it morphs into more of a melodic, synthy, cloudy kinda feel. For that 2nd part, I recruited my guy Boots Greene, who tours with Jay-Z, Beyonce & others, to sing on the chorus. When he sent the song back to me not only did he bless me with his vocals and all its harmonies, he also added some dope 808s and a few other sounds which were subtle but totally enhanced the overall dope-ness of the record and I didn’t expect that because all I wanted was vocals. Cool little surprise for me.”

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From beginning to end, B-Jada’s solo effort is an addiction. Diamond will lead fans to his latest work with One of Dem Ones with King Cydal and This is a Jawn with Boots Greene. All the new music is a lead-up to a promised forthcoming project from B-Jada slated for an early 2022 release. Meanwhile, check out Diamond below.

Diamond is available everywhere via Geek Squad Music Group. After the listen, check out B-Jada’s complete catalog, available now on all streaming platforms. Feel free to stay updated on all things B-Jada by following the rising star daily on social media.

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