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Atlanta Dream Center Renamed “Frontline Response” To Reflect Growth and Mission
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Atlanta Dream Center Renamed “Frontline Response” To Reflect Growth and Mission

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Anti-Sex Trafficking, Homelessness Rescue, and Youth Prevention Organization Will Expand Services and Nationwide Reach from New Atlanta Headquarters in 2021 

Frontline Response, formerly Atlanta Dream Center, has been on the frontlines rescuing and restoring thousands of victims of sex trafficking, homelessness, and exploitation since 2003. In recent years, the faith-based organization, which has become a service model leader for others nationwide, has added affiliates in the states of Georgia and Ohio, while launching, in 2018, a robust prevention program for at-risk youth in downtown Atlanta.

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The organization begins operating under the new name “Frontline Response” as it prepares for more growth later this year in the form of: 

  • expanded services for victim rescue, assessment, placement (adults), prevention (youth)
  • increased nationwide training of volunteers and advocates
  • new Atlanta headquarters (Spring 2021, located inside perimeter) will include state-of-the-art training facility, enhanced victim services, and infrastructure for expanding statewide, nationwide

Organizational leaders say that while the mission and heart of the nonprofit remains the same, the new name more accurately reflects its vision, experience, expertise, and strategy as it moves boldly forward to address increasing needs.

“Since our founding, our identity has been synonymous with being on the frontline for those in crisis,” Dan Palmer, CEO of Frontline Response, said. “As we grow to service individuals and cities around the country, our new name more clearly reflects our unique niche as a bridge between people in crisis and the long-term care they need for generational change. You could say we’ve moved beyond a ‘dream’ to a proven ‘response’ toward providing our vulnerable neighbors an accessible pathway to freedom.” 

The new logo for Frontline Response is rich with symbolism. It includes an arrow pointing backward reflecting the organization’s commitment to going behind the frontlines to meet victims where they are. A larger, forward-facing arrow with the image of an outstretched hand illustrates the organization’s partnership with those in crisis, helping them chart a clear pathway to freedom. The colors are both dark and light to symbolize rescuing individuals out of dark places and building a bridge to a bright future.

Frontline Response is a faith-based nonprofit serving on the frontlines to rescue people out of sex trafficking and homelessness, while working to prevent vulnerable children from falling victim. Since 2003, the organization has assisted more than 1,500 victims out of sex trafficking, transitioned over 1,000 men, women, and children out of homelessness, and reached more than 600 at-risk Atlanta youth with prevention programming. An independent 501c3, Frontline Response holds a Platinum Level GuideStar ranking, the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. To learn more visit

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