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10 dating tips for today’s alpha female 
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10 dating tips for today’s alpha female 

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‘Dear Alpha Female, it’s not Him it’s You’ is an interactive devotional designed to help women achieve the love they deserve but many professional women have gotten so consumed in their careers that they struggle with the rules of flirting, dating and courtship.

 If you find yourself stumped at the idea of getting back into the dating scene this summer. Here are ten tips to jumpstart your re-entry to romance. 

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  1. Begin with a truthful self-analysis on things YOU have regretted in past relationships. Take ownership for your role in the breakdown and write down what you would do differently when you meet your soulmate. 
  2. Make a conscious decision to prioritize dating. Yes! You have to date in order to find your guy. Decide how much time you are willing to commit to finding love regardless of the initial outcome. 
  3. Make a list of 10 things you want in a mate, from those 10 things pick 5 that are non-negotiable. Be open to dating anyone who has those 5 non-negotiables. 
  4. Make a daily appointment with yourself in the mirror, before you’ve gotten dressed and applied makeup, hair, etc. Give this woman a daily reminder of how beautiful and deserving she is. 
  5. Remove ALL negative commentary from your vocabulary when it comes to the opposite sex. If it’s not positive or encouraging do not let it come from your lips. 
  6. Allow men to meet you on a date without giving them instructions! Don’t suggest a restaurant, activity, etc. Dating isn’t a staff meeting that requires you to create an itinerary. Be open to new experiences. 
  7. If a date goes badly, practice remaining polite and focusing on the positive. Even if this isn’t the man for you, it’s great experience for you to focus on the positive and not the negative. 
  8. Before going on a date, spend time with yourself. De-stress from work, take your time “getting cute” and feeling feminine. Nothing creates feminine energy more than giving yourself some “me time” prior to a date. 
  9. Commit to being open! If your date shows up dressed inappropriately or not looking like his pictures, instead of resorting to your default – challenge yourself to getting to know him for the short time you have together. 
  10. Don’t make a final decision to go on a 2nd date or to dismiss the man before the date is completely over. Often, we make our minds up 10 minutes into the date and spend the remaining 1.5-2 hrs angry or irritated. Dating is a process and in order to have a successful result you have to commit 100% to the process. You wouldn’t quit a job 10 minutes into your first day. Instead, you should weigh your options and make a decision after you are more informed. Often our “pickers” are broken, and we quickly make a judgement that is based on bias and or fear. 
  11. Bonus tip: make a promise to yourself to have fun regardless of the outcome. 
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