Over the years the tourism field has been growing by leaps and bounds with new spots being discovered every day and others being developed. However, despite the fierce competition, New York has remained a force to reckon with in the industry even though it does not offer some of the features that most people seek for. You will always find yourself straying away every single day in search for a piece of New York. So, why is this the case?

New York has a great racial diversity. This allows virtually anyone who comes here to fit right in. Everyone wants to feel comfortable no matter where they go and it is always great to go to a place where you will get to meet your fellow country men and women. The other advantage of this diversity is the diverse culture it offers the tourists that come here. They experience their own culture away from home. 

There is no doubt that while this one of a kind city may lack the sandy beaches, it has a lot of to show and more than enough to satisfy those looking for some touring action. These include internationally acclaimed monuments like the Empire state building as well as the Statue of Liberty. These are more than enough to satisfy the thirst that most tourists seek to quench. 

Additionally, New York has been able to maintain a balance between technology and development and the authenticity of their tourism culture. More and more people are getting attached to their gadgets and the last thing that any one wants is to go to a place where they can’t be able to share their experience instantly on the iPad or even laptop and New York allows its visitors to do this without ruining the feeling of your tour. 

One of the things that New York has over the time perfected is the infrastructure that is meant to support tourism. They have great hotels (and even greater foods and cuisines), a great transportation system and even the tourism has been modernized which makes it easy for one to be able to book tickets to their preferred sites online. There is nothing not to love about New York and it will continue being among the greatest places to visit in the world for a long time to come.