there's been a murder

there’s been a murder
it was televised, Facebook live
— damn near HD
It wasn’t a revolution —
it was an execution.
Streams of blood streamed to the
millions of onlookers;
a day after streamers for the stars & stripes of the
Red, White, & Blue
had us celebrating their amber waves of grain.
There’s been a murder; but it doesn’t stop there.
Is this real?!!
Touch the sky, think about it —
was she warning us?
“They’re out to get us!”
…were THEY warning us?
Is this a movie? A foreshadowing? Or life?
Whose side is winning anyway?
Just because it’s out in the open now…
…does that change anything?
Or does it just mean…
…it’s out in the open now?
Anonymous, Big Brother, police state, 1984!
Dead BLACK Man.
Same ol’ story…
…there’s been a murder.