unnamed-3Sometimes, extraordinary individuals emerge from the most ordinary circumstances.  Perhaps this is the case for Sean McVerry, who spent his childhood in a quiet, small-town in Connecticut, playing his mother’s piano to fill time.  Or, perhaps, he was simply born to be a musician.




The dynamic, multi-talented singer/songwriter has announced the release of his highly anticipated debut EP, Hourglass Switchboard I. Hourglass Switchboard I will be available on January 22, 2016.  McVerry will release the follow-up, Hourglass Switchboard II in late 2016.  Both projects were brilliantly co-produced by Elite whose previous work includes the production for J.Cole’s critically acclaimed album Born Sinner and includes hit single “Crooked Smile”.


Heavily influenced by Paul Simon, Brian Wilson and Brian Eno, McVerry’s remarkable talent shines through in every aspect of his craft, from his succinct arrangements and his poignant lyrics to his breathtaking command of the piano keys, guitar and drum machine.  His captivating, honey-tinged voice occasionally slinks in and out of falsetto or a subtle, perfectly timed growl, bringing to mind the likes of Chris Martin and Nick Drake. Yet, his ability to seamlessly blend Pop and Indie Rock with elements of Electronica might be what make McVerry so very unforgettable.


“I strive to create simple material with incredible depth,” says Sean. “I’ve always been fascinated by the way artists like Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell are able to convey an emotion, without ever actually verbalizing what that emotion is.”


Inspired not just by music, but also by art and literature, Sean’s writing contains traces of those he admires, like Fitzgerald, Salinger, and Vonnegut. “If I’m able to create a setting and characters in my head,” explains Sean “chances are a musical idea will come through.”


Now, having completed Hourglass Switchboard I and II, McVerry seems most excited about bringing an immersive live experience to audiences across the country.


His nationwide tour begins in January of 2016.