No More Rejection, by Jorge Vazquez tackles the core issues dealing with rejection. Anyone can get completely mangled through the rejection cycle, but there is a way to break it off from your life forever through supernatural LOVE. Do you want to live this short life that you’ve been given on earth as a truly happy person? Do you want to experience real, tangible freedom? Do you want to walk in peace and confidence? Read No More Rejection, by Jorge Vazquez, it will change your life.

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What prompted you to write No More Rejection?

I came to know the Lord during college. I remember the joy and euphoria I felt knowing that the maker of heaven and earth was now on my side.

Shortly after, I started noticing how other believers were not living in that same joy that I was experiencing.  I started seeking the Lord to answer why there was such a lack of joy among His body.

The Lord began revealing to me through His word, how the enemy of our soul was trying to rob believers of their joy through rejection and offense.

How does rejection affect believers?

Rejection affects believers in many ways. First and foremost, it robs believers of their joy. We know that the Word explains that “the joy of the Lord is our strength”, when we lose our joy we lose our strength.

We lose our power to share our faith, we lose our motivation to share the Hope we have in Jesus!

How do you break the Rejection Cycle?

The Rejection Cycle is only broken by the super natural Love of God. We have to allow the Love of God to be used in response to facing daily rejection. Rather than retaliating when faced with offense and rejection, we need to pause and allow God’s love to flow. The analogy I use a lot is that of a vessel that is overflowing. When I see a cup of water under a faucet that is running down non-stop, it is kept full of water and overflowing with the excess. That is how we need to view ourselves under the faucet of God’s love that is constantly flowing into and overflowing out of us. This overflowing Love with keep us refreshed while it refreshes anyone that comes around us.

3 things you should know about rejection?

Rejection is a part of life and we will always have the need to face. It is not a matter of avoiding rejection, it is a matter of to handle it in a God-glorifying manner.

Rejection can creep into any relationship, even the most solid ones.

Rejection is the number one tool used by Satan to try to keep believers bound and derail them from their calling.

You guys have been producing The Revolution TV for 11 years… you have another program you plan to unroll?

My wife Kat and I have been producing the Revolution TV for a long while now and we are embarking on a new endeavor. Beginning in 2016 we will be launching a new TV show and corresponding website called TheStand.TV.

It will be a platform to herald what God is doing on the earth. The goal is to evangelize the lost and empower believers to do the same by speaking the Truth in Love.

Are you planning to write any more books?

Yes. I believe the Lord has called me to write about matters of the heart and leadership. I am currently starting my next book title “Love Famine: Standing In A World Who’s Love Has Grown Cold”.

How can someone read more about your book and your ministry?

They can visit or


About the Author

Jorge Vazquez is the President and Co-Founder of Revolution Media Ministries and television host of The Revolution TV. An evangelist who is also a communication industry executive. Jorge is an ordained minister who speaks on matters of the heart and Christian maturity/leadership. Jorge and his wife Kat live in Kentucky with their two boys.