Young R&B-soul singer Ravyn Lenae re-releases her critically acclaimed record Moon Shoes.  Moon Shoes is now available at all DSPs and features two new tracks, “Right Of Spring” and “Something In The Air”. Born and raised on Chicago’s often turbulent south side, this 17 years old, classically trained singer/songwriter is taking the music world by storm with her inimitable style, which seamlessly melds elements of R&B, Electronic, Soul and Hip-Hop. Given her remarkable ability to blend genres, it’s no surprise that Lenae has been influenced by a wide variety of artists, from Stereolab and Outkast to Bob Marley and Ella Fitzgerald. We had the opportunity to speak with Ravyn about her life and music.

L+P: Your sound is deliciously unique, vocals are sweet and melodic and like Starbucks coffee “addictive”, its the true essence of great music. who influenced you on this journey?

Raven: Wow, thank you! I can’t say that I’m influenced by a single person, rather a mixture of amazing artists such as Eartha Kitt, Outkast, Erykah Badu, India Arie and many more.

L+P: When you started on your journey to work on your latest release what would you say was your  “break through ” moment?

Raven: As an artist, it takes time to build the courage to allow yourself the vulnerability that is needed to deliver raw, real material. I’m a very private ‘2, so overcoming the fear of revealing too much about myself was definitely a break through for me. With every song written, I drew closer and closer to my deeper emotions and experiences. More specifically, my song “Sleep Talking” made me realize that my job as an artist is to deliver universal emotions through song form. I hope listeners are able to feel the tender and raw aspects of Moon Shoes. 

In addition, the supremely talented singer-songwriter has unveiled the stylized and sophisticated official music video for buzz track “Free Room”.

L+P: When it’s comes to song writing and working with other artist do you have a formula for success?

Raven: When working on a new song, I like to give myself the liberty to sit on it until the time feels right. I never write a full song in one day. I may sit with it until I discover a cool melody, then move on. This way, I am able to come back to the song with a clear head. 

L+P: Being raised on the south side of Chicago you’ve seen so much in such a short time. What is your most memorable accomplishment In your life to date?

Raven: I can’t put a finger on a specific instance, but I believe all moments are memorable. 

L+P: Music can be used to inspire and uplift especially in the hardest moments in our life. where do you draw your inspiration from?

Raven: I am most inspired by natural things that occur throughout the day. Whether it’s a really good meal, an interesting conversation with friends, an amazing concert, or the typical sounds and images of a busy city, they all have potential to trigger emotion and possibly create a song. 

L+P: Are you involved in any charity or non profit organizations? if so which one are passionate about?

Raven: I am not as of yet, but I intend on becoming involved. 

L+P: With the anticipation of your new project, what message do you want listeners to gain as they listen to this body of work?

Raven: While listening to Moon Shoes, I hope listeners get a sense of who I am as an artist and person. Every song on the project is solely based on m personal emotions and experiences. I encourage listeners to put on their Moon Shoes and discover the hidden truth behind my music.