Every now and then we come across an artist and a sound that makes you go…hummmm. I felt that when listening to the current project by Molly Moore. There is nothing cookie cutter about Shadow of the Sun, this EP challenges the current sounds that flood the billboard charts and breaks through to the front of the line. We had the opportunity to catch up with Molly


Hi Molly, first off the EP Shadow Of The Sun is a very distinctive body of work The quality of the production along with the creativeness in the writing – brilliant!! It’s a Breath of Fresh air. I have it on repeat right now! Music needs this right now. What was the process like creating this body of work? How long did it take you to put this project together? Wow – thank you so much! It is so awesome to hear you say that. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. It was a long process getting everything finished but most of the songs were written fairly quickly. The production side was where we took our time to try & really get it right. We’ve been playing most of the songs acoustic for the last year or so while we finished recording them.


Did you work with numerous producers and musicians to acquire the sound and feel you achieved? I did collaborate with a few very talented people on this project. Brandyn Burnette co-wrote the EP with me & also produced 2 of the tracks. Steve Dresser, Griffin Fornell & Ryan Spraker all really helped this body of work come to life with their wonderful production skills.


You sound like a perfectionist, you’re sound is pure and refreshing. What are your inner influences that you look to for music direction? Ha!  I definitely do have somewhat of a perfection complex. I really like organic instruments combined with darker, cinematic elements. I also like to take things in a little bit of a left direction… I never want to try & sound like anyone but me. My dad is an amazing musician & an expert with harmonies… I think that rubbed off on me as I really like to incorporate vocal melismas & harmonies. I also think it’s important to be minimal with production & keep the focus on the song/message.


What was your story behind the song “Don’t believe it”? I sat down with my guitar one day & the chorus melody just came out. Then I showed it to Brandyn & he freestyle a verse melody. We brought it into the studio & finished the rest with April Bender & Steve Dresser. At the time I was going through a pretty difficult period in my life & also watching others go through similar times. I wanted to write a song to help people get out of their heads & maybe broaden perspectives because I felt like I needed that too.

My favorite song vocally is “Blood, Sweat, Tears” it has such a dramatical tone. I feel the pain in your voice, it pulls me closer to your words.  Where were you when you wrote this? Can you share the story of this song?Thank you so much! Thats my favorite too. Blood. Sweat. Tears. was written at a very transitional period of my life. We had the verse/prechorus melodies on a voice note. I started writing the lyrics from the parking garage at Atlantic Studios while I was waiting for Brandyn to finish a writing session. We fleshed the rest out at our lookout point in Studio City. We got so inspired to write about what we were going through because music was all that we had. We were looking for a place to live & essentially about to be homeless so it was a kind of terrifying time that put a lot of things into perspective.


Are you planning a tour and where can people get a personal copy of Shadow of the Sun?
 Yes!! Next year there will definitely be a tour. No details yet but keep an eye out! You can grab Shadow of the Sun on all your major platforms including iTunes 🙂https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shadow-of-the-sun-ep/id1063901793


Thank you for creating such great music for the world. I can’t wait to see whats next in this journey.
 It means the world to me to have you supporting & along for the ride. Thank you so much for your kind words & taking the time to do this with me!